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13 Weird Beauty Tools That You Totally Need To Try!

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My father and brother find it very amusing fiddling with all the tools in my beauty arsenal. They can’t fathom what most of them are meant to do, and honestly some of the beauty tools I come across while perusing through beauty sites leave me scratching my head in wonder too. And let’s admit it, there are more misses than hits. However, I have to say that even though some of these things look like medieval torture devices, they work really well.

Here’s a list of some weird beauty tools that you didn’t know existed, or even worked well, but ones that you can make a world of difference to your beauty routine. Bring out the credit cards, ladies!


Tweezerman TweezerMate 10X Lighted Mirror_Hauterfly

1. Tweezerman TweezerMate 10X Lighted Mirror (Rs 1,121)

This powerful magnifying mirror is meant for precision tasks like putting on contact lenses, wearing eyeliner, or to tweeze stray eyebrow hair. What’s best is it comes with an in-built light, which means you can apply your makeup regardless of the lighting around you. It comes with suction cups that you can attach to any smooth surface, or moisten the cups for a stronger hold.


Chella Heated Eyelash Curler_Hauterfly

2. Chella Heated Eyelash Curler (Rs 3,130)

You know nothing opens up the eyes like curling your lashes before coating them with mascara, right? And I’m sure you must have heard about heating your eyelash curler with a blowdryer before curling the lashes so that your lashes hold the curl for longer. All that is fine if you are at home and have a blow dryer at hand. This sleek, heated eyelash curler fits in your makeup and/or clutch with such ease you won’t want to travel without it.


e.l.f. Mascara and Shadow Shield_Hauterfly

3. e.l.f. Mascara and Shadow Shield (Rs 782)

Whether your lashes are insanely long or not, it takes a long time to master the art of not getting mascara on your cheek and brow bone. This mascara shield, however, can change all that. Rest it over your lid while working product on your upper lashes, and place it under your lower lashline while applying mascara on the lower lashes.


Spatty Daddy 6 Inch Extend Your Beauty Tool_Hauterfly

4. Spatty Daddy 6″ Extend Your Beauty Tool (Rs 1,218)

It’s true that once you find a product you like, there’s no going back. If you’re one of those people who likes to finish every last bit of product, you’ll be well acquainted with that annoying feeling when there’s still some product left in the bottom of the bottle that you can’t reach. Which is why you need a tiny, flexible spatula that will scoop out every last drop of product for you.


False Eyelash Stainless Steel Applicator_Huaterfly

5. False Eyelash Stainless Steel Applicator (Rs 249)

I swear to God there is nothing more difficult than putting on falsies. It is so frustrating, I actually want to pull my hair out. Plus more often than not, I end up poking my eyes with my long nails. This stainless steel false eyelash applicator ensures lashes go on securely and evenly.


Conair Cordless 3.4 Inch Straightener_Hauterfly

6. Conair Cordless 3/4 Inch Straightener (Rs 3,199)

This cordless straightening iron comes with a replaceable butane gas cartridge that easily lasts a couple of months. It heats up in under two minutes and is compact, which makes it the perfect travel companion.


3D Bomb Curl Brush_Hauterfly

7. 3D Bomb Curl Brush (Rs 1,481)

This cray looking brush is just the thing if you need for creating serious volume in your hair, plus a lot of movement with curls that stay in place.


Shadow Shields_Hauterfly

8. Shadow Shields (Rs 1,877)

Anyone who does smokey eye makeup look will tell you what a mess the residual shadow leaves under the eyes. Stick these eyeshadow shields under your eyes and never worry about messing up your base makeup again.


Cityvivo Finger Glove Silicone Scrubber_Hauterfly

9. Cityvivo Finger Glove Silicone Scrubber (Rs 1,257)

For any makeup artist, their brushes are their babies – ones they will guard with their lives. But cleaning them is a dreadful chore that needs to be done as often as possible. If you use a lot of liquid and cream formulas, you’ll know the struggle of getting it all out thoroughly. Just slip this silicone scrubber on your fingers and swirl the bristles of your brushes over the grooves to clean all the gunk in no time. Did anyone say deep cleaning with zero damage? We’re on board!


Not T4 K The Lady Bug Polish Pod_Hauterfly

10. Not T4 K The Lady Bug Polish Pod (Rs 1,235)

Holding the bottle of polish, tilting it to get the product, and painting your nails without ruining them is an achievement. Get yourself the polish pod pronto. It holds the bottle at the perfect angle for you to dip your brush to reload the product.


Billion Dollar Brows The Brow Buddy_Hauterfly

11. Billion Dollar Brows The Brow Buddy (Rs 1,591)

Shaping brows can be challenging. Ascertain where the brows should start and end, and where they should arch, with The Brow Buddy. It helps you measure and mark the precise spots you need to tweeze your brows.


BIAL Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush_Hauterfly

12. BIAL Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush (Rs 3,724)

The blackheads on my nose are like that annoying chick in college who insisted on being my BFF. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get rid of them. Perhaps it’s time to invest in the BIAL Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, which exfoliates and deep cleanses in a jiffy.


Nail Polish Protection Clips_Hauterfly

13. 13. Nail Polish Protection Clips (Rs 987)

Often times, I paint my nails to perfection. But because I’m so fidgety, I can never have a flawless mani. Boo-hoo! These nail polish protection clips though — as funny as they look — are quite exceptional and deliver what they claim to do!


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