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We Found 5 Products From Etude House That You’ll Want To Invest In And Not Feel Shopper’s Guilt

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I cannot stress enough about how much I love Korean products! It’s not just because I am a BTS fan, but because Korean products work like magic on my skin. They always deliver what they promise. So far I have not been disappointed by any Korean product that I have purchased, in fact, I would like more Korean makeup and skincare brands to start retailing in India.

One of the Korean brands that I had my sight set on was Etude house and they finally launched in the country last year…and how! I was like a happy little kid in a candy store. Considering I hadn’t ever tried their products, I was optimistic and predicted that I am going to waste my salary buying their products over and over again. Currently, a lot of Indian consumers are loving this Korean brand and if you are new to the makeup and skincare business then let me help you pick the best products you can purchase from Etude House.

Play Color Eyes Wine Party

So here’s a fun fact. If you have ever watched any East Asian movies or dramas then you will notice how soft they like to keep their makeup. Since Etude House is a Korean brand, their palettes are not highly pigmented but are enough to give you that natural look for you to pull off on a daily basis. Maybe the powdered pans aren’t as pigmented, but their glitter pans are to die for. That basically makes up for the powdered pan, at least for me. I am very gullible when it comes to buying makeup. I personally love the palette because I like to keep my makeup subtle and minimal, without drawing too much attention.

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Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes

Don’t you sometimes wish it was easier to apply the glitter in the middle of your lids? Well, your prayers have been answered. As the name suggests, the Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes is basically a glitter eyeshadow but in the form of the liquid. This bottle comes with a small wand that allows an easy application over your lids and gives you that perfect time-to-party look in no time.

Wonder Pore Freshner

This is one of Etude House’s bestseller products that I was waiting to try for the longest time. As soon as it entered the market I got my hands on this beauty and have no regrets. Nobody has perfect skin, unless you are Zendaya, then that’s a whole different story. But I know for a fact that my skin has become worse as I’ve gotten older. Pores are one of my major concerns and I wanted to tighten these little pesky spots. That’s when I tried Etude House’s Wonder Pore which not only tightens your pores but also deep cleanses your skin. It makes your skin soft and closes all the doors for enlarged pores and dirt.

Shine Chic Lip Lacquer

I know that lip glosses are out of style, but what if I told you that you could bring back the lip gloss era but with a small upgrade? This shiny gloss is made of all things nice. The texture is non-greasy, the pigment of the stain is high and most of all long-lasting. I mean what else could one ask from their lip glosses, right?

Dr.Mascara Fixer For Super Longlash

Say goodbye to those dull boring lashes day and hello to your lovely long lashes. I know you may not believe that mascara can do that, but this one does. The wand has a curved brush that allows you to easily apply your mascara that automatically curls up your lashes adding volume to them. And it doesn’t even clump!

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