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We Customised Our Face Masks At Forest Essentials And We’re All Glowing!

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Usually on a Saturday, it’s difficult to get me to move. I am like a walrus who’s had a very hearty meal. Some would say that’s an unflattering description but it’s dangerously accurate.  I mean, I am just thankful that I am breathing and that doesn’t require much effort at my end because there’s a chance I wouldn’t want to do that. But on this particular Saturday, I skipped out of bed, smile on my face and energy on my person. And it wasn’t even because I had a lot to drink the previous night, I was genuinely excited.

About time I told you what was happening. So this particular Saturday, the whole team of Hauterfly was at a Forest Essentials store whipping up some cocktails but for the skin. Sounds exciting? It was. I was thrilled to bits. We worked with Forest Essentials to curate a unique experience for us and two readers of Hauterfly. For this workshop, the brand indulged us and flew down ingredients from Haridwar so everything we were adding in was fresh! This obviously had me thrilled.

When we walked into the store, each of us were guided to a doctor who asked us some questions and immediately told me what my dosh was. She was so right, I was secretly convinced that she was keeping an eye on me and my habits. Then, once I had ticked the boxes and talked to her about how my skin behaves on the daily, she recommended and ubtan to me. I moved over the counter where I mixed and match the ingredients, feeling like quite the dexterous product developer at that point. I love that the experience was further elevated because of the delicious aromas in the store. The sandalwood powder particularly caught my fancy.

I have been using this ubtan to cleanse my skin for 3 weeks now and I am a convert. I love how gentle but effective it is and how my skin practically glows after I use this. The ubtan bar experience at Forest Essentials is a unique concept and their level of detailing is intense. If clean, luxurious, Ayurvedic beauty is your thing, you will love this.

To get your pick of ubtans, you can buy them off the shelf in stores, online or from the Forest Essentials wesbite.


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