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Want Alia Bhatt’s Drenched, Dewy Look? Here’s How You Can Get It!

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I wait for the winter months. Mainly because I have a lot of woollens I have invested in and I need to get my money’s worth. And yes, my boots because this is the only season when I am going to shove my foot into those things and precariously balance myself, in the name of fashion. What I don’t particularly enjoy is the flaky, dry desert that my face tends to becoming making it look like I have stripped my skill of all moisture and it has never seen the inside of a cream. Which isn’t true. This is just my skin being adamant and a bit of a rebel. And just as I am trying to hydrate my face, the dewy skin trend is making the rounds and I want all of it. Want a dewy base like Alia Bhatt recently flaunted. We tell you just how to get it.

For a dewy look, you want to start add the glow and the illumination from the get go. A moisturiser that promises to illuminate is a great pick and this one from Glamglow will prep your skin to look quenched and radiant and ready to rock that dewy look.

To really nail that glowing goddess look, start off by being rather generous with a strobing cream. This one from MAC comes with a tinge of peach and lots of illumination so you look healthier and  sporting a glow people can spot from another planet.

This is a foundation that’s like photoshop for the face but only in the slightest. Your skin looks evened out, fresh and naturally healthy, like you’ve been really taking in the vegetables. It also doesn’t look cakey which is important when you are going for dewy.

A dewy look demands plenty of cream products and the blush is no exception. You want to look gently flushed and rosy, so apply the cream blush on the cheeks and blend it out. Using the fingers is probably better for this look.

Finally, if you have used any powder products or even if you just want to lock it all in without mattifying it, use a setting spray to make sure the products have sunk in and your makeup looks flawless. Our pick is this Nyx Setting Spray!


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