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Why You Need To Add Vitamin C In Your Skincare Regime NOW!

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You probably grew up with your mom forcefully feeding you oranges, because it is rich in Vitamin C. Cut to many years later, you see several Vitamin C serums doing the rounds, and you think, may be your mother was on to something. Over the past few years,  Vitamin C has gone on to become a popular ingredient for the skincare industry. It safe to say that Vitamin C has established a unique reputation for itself; occupying a place of pride as one of the best ingredients for anti-ageing.

But the question here is, Does it work? We got a resounding “yes” from all the research we did! Hence, getting right down to it, here’s breaking the benefits of Vitamin C down for you. Keep scrolling to know why you need to add this wonder ingredient to your skincare regime.

1. Helps Boost Collagen Production

Vitamin C helps stimulate fibroblast activity.  If you are wondering what fibroblast is, it is the one simple cell that produces collagen. Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in our body and is basically responsible to make your skin look youthful. Bye bye, saggy skin!

2. Prevents stretch marks

With enough Vitamin C, you have plenty of collagen. Plenty of collagen means stronger, firmer skin and this in turn keeps stretch marks at bay. You’re starting to see the merit in our argument, yes?

3. Protects from sun damage

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant, so applying it topically on your skin protects it from UV Damage.  UV exposure also decreases the natural Vitamin C in the skin, so it is vital to replenish it. Keep sipping on the OJ but apply it as well.

4. Fades brown spots and reduces redness

The reason behind brown spots, aka hyperpigmentation on our skin, is the overproduction of melanin. Vitamin C disrupts melanin production, hence, lightening these brown spots.

Also, if you have sensitive skin that gets flushed, red and irritated easily then, Vitamin C should be your new BFF. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels,  improving the damage done by broken capillaries so your skin looks more calm.

5. Hydrates Skin

If you have dry skin, then you might want to add Vitamin C to your regime. The collagen-boosting effect of Vitamin C, makes your skin better able to stay hydrated and helps hold onto moisture.

How many oranges will I have to eat to reap these benefits, you ask? Well, thanks to the advancement in science, you can gain the benefits of Vitamin C via serums and creams. You can also rip open a Vitamin C capsule, mix it with your moisturiser and go on to applying it.


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