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Vidya Balan’s Said ‘Eff Your Beauty Standards’ And We Couldn’t Agree More

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Beauty standards are an ever-changing. From countries to cultures, there is not one thing that can be pointed out as absolutely beautiful. Of course, the media tells you otherwise. Magazine covers, TV models, porn will all tell you there is only one kind of beautiful. The perfect, straight hair, fair, unblemished skin and full, pouty lips. Yes, it’s severely limiting. And the need of the hour is a more realistic portrayal of women but in reality, it’s going to take time.  Although we have witnessed a change in how women in the media and in our real lives are perceived, there is still room to grow. And in this interview, Vidya Balan flipped the bird of our notions of beauty and weight and size and we are living for it.

The Years Of Self Doubt

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Vidya revealed her journey to accepting her body and it’s such a wholesome tale. The actress suffered years of self-doubt regarding her weight. She said, “(There was) a part of my life, I was in a battle with my body. I was angry with it, hated it, and I wanted it to change because I thought if my body changed, then I would be acceptable to everyone. I would be worthy of love.” This illusion of hers was only broken down when even at her slimmest she struggled to gain complete acceptance. The pointless self-hatred led her nowhere and it took years of building herself to feel confident with who she was.

Her Secret To Self Confidence

Vidya’s recipe to shrug off the haters and being comfortable in your skin is simple… you do you! She went on to add how disconnecting yourself with the negative conversation about weight can be so freeing. She added, “What amazes me is that people talk about the body so much. You enter a place and people are only having these conversations ‘Oh! You have lost weight…’ ‘you have put on weight’ ‘what diet are you on, what exercise regimen?’… it’s so annoying really, it’s so limiting.”

She Takes On How To Deal With Trolls

Vidya also has a few foolproof tips on dealing with trolls. According to her, “Why do we not turn around and tell these people, who fat-shame us, that you should actually be ashamed because you have got such a small mind? Nothing you do can ever change that, exercise, diet, the right kind of sleep, maybe medication!… whatever can even change our body, but nothing can change your mind!”

We are hearing Vidya loud and clear on her opinions about fat shaming and we so agree. There’s no one way to be beautiful and it’s time none of us took this lying down.


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