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The ₹600 Blush Worthy Of A Victoria’s Secret Angel!

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Just say the phrase “Victoria’s Secret Angels” and we’re all ears. The annual fashion extravaganza — basically the sexiest event on television ever! — just took place on December 8 and all we could think about was how gorgeous all the models looked with their beautifully flushed complexions and bombshell hair. The annual show’s beauty game is so alluring that we often hang on to everything the Angels do — from their workout regimes, to their skin rituals and make-up tips and tricks.

So we couldn’t contain our excitement when we discovered the product that gives the Angels their rosy glow. But that’s not even the best part. This professional make-up product costs all of Rs 600 and is even available in India. Best news we’ve heard in a while!


Kryolan Supracolor Red_Hauterfly

Kryolan Supracolor in Red (079)


Make-up artist Dick Page — who has been glamming up the girls for the last four Victoria’s Secret shows — uses Kryolan Supracolor in Red (079) to give them that signature rosy flush and we can’t get over how affordable the product is. So much so, that we’re totally going to be making a run for the Mumbai store right away!

Page has a very simple make-up routine for the show. After prepping the skin with moisturiser, he uses a tiny dot of the Kryolan product on the models’ nose and cheeks, blending it in with his fingers to warm up their complexions. He then puts on foundation which gives the Angels a natural, sun-kissed look. A touch of Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable is used on the eyes, followed by diffused black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines. He then tops it with black mascara to make the eyes pop. And there you have it: a super simple, gorgeous finish worthy of a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Kryolan stores are located in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai. Find contact information here.


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