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Reviewed: Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask

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Like I’ve said before, I have fairly problem-free skin (let me not jinx this — thank you, God!). My skincare regime is ridiculously simple — I cleanse and tone, and I use a CC cream with SPF every morning. But once in while, masks are fun to try, and I’m always curious to see how my skin will look afterward.

The Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask started off promising. It smells heavenly and its gel-like consistency felt nice on the fingers — it was so tempting that I couldn’t wait to try it. This mask is made of volcanic rocks and AHA acids that essentially peel off dead skin cells, revealing your inner, brighter self. The Vitamin CG in the ingredients help brighten tired-looking skin, and Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water helps lock in the skin’s natural moisture.



So, one evening, after removing my makeup and washing my face after a long day, I applied a generous coat of the mask all over my face and neck. And that’s when I felt it — a burning sensation that took over my skin. (Thankfully, I didn’t try this on the day I got my eyebrows and upper lips threaded.) I still soldiered on and kept it on for 5 minutes, as instructed. While my skin generally did cool down within a couple of minutes, a burning sensation still remained in my under-eye area. (I’m guessing it’s the alpha-hydroxy acids doing their work of feeling off dead skin, but it’s not a comfortable feeling.)

The second downer was getting the mask off. Again, as instructed, I tried to simply rinse it off, but trust me, it ain’t that easy. You need a LOT of water and some rubbing with your fingers to get the gel off your face. Once it was off, there was a slight oily residue left on my skin, which only disappeared once I patted my face dry with a towel.

Here’s the good part — there was a noticeable glow on my face after all this was done. My skin looked clearer and brighter, and definitely felt softer. I finished off with a toner, and my face looked good!

So, the bottomline is that I’m a little torn about this one. I think I might give it one more go…maybe on the weekend, this time. If you do happen to try it, send us your reviews and post-mask selfies!

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