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Bushra’s Earthy Perfume Is Just Right For A Rainy Day

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For a makeup junkie, there’s no such thing as having too much makeup. However, as someone who hates the mindless consumerism of our times, I try to be conscious about how much I buy. After all, makeup expiry dates are crazy and I’d rather throw away old makeup than nurse a face full of breakouts. In which case, perfumes are the real indulgence. There truly is no such thing as too many perfumes. Even though the chemical composition of a perfume can break down and oxidise over time making it smell funny, they last a looong time!

While I have certain favourites like the cult classic Davidoff Cool Water and L’eau Par Kenzo By Kenzo (I lean towards aqueous scents; they are like wrapping myself in my favourite blanket), I am always watching out for new fragrances. I was furiously looking for the perfect perfume to gift my pa this Father’s Day, when this delightful bottle caught my eye. Obviously, all thoughts about shopping for my father were quickly replaced with the need to find out more about Valentina Eau de Parfum.


Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum In Post_Hauterfly

Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum

This lovely little fragrance from the house of Valentino is inspired by Rome and Italy. What appealed to me most was its floral, fruity, and oriental composition. The perfume is full of contradictions and is described as delicate yet strong, elegant yet fun, and sensual and rebellious, something I totally identify with. The top notes of bergamot and white truffles give way to Amalfi orange blossoms, jasmine, tuberose and wild strawberries and finally settle into the base of cedar, vanilla and amber. This definitely sounds like my first “grown up” scent. Users also claim there’s something earthy about this perfume, like the aroma of water being sprinkled on freshly dug soil. Just the thought of it is insanely refreshing!

SHOP NOW: Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum (Rs 6,394)


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