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5 Ways To Wear The Underliner Trend in 2017

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Remember school? When we’d douse our waterlines in butt loads of blunt-ended kajal crayons? Yeah, that trend is coming back. ICYMI: we counted down some of the year’s biggest upcoming trends right here. Plus, Drew Barrymore and several other celebs rocked this look on the red carpet not too long ago. For those of you who love it, here’s how you do it right. And for those of you who dread those memories, don’t worry, it’s all about figuring out what suits you best.


1. Smoldering Black

Use a smooth, pigmented black kajal to line your lower waterline fully. Make sure you don’t leave any spaces undone or sparsely applied. Seal your liner in with a little bit of black eyeshadow to make it last all day (or night).

#HauteTip: Make sure your lashes are full with mascara. Place your wand at the base and squiggle it in zig zag motions upwards. To ensure your lashes stay up, use a lash curler and repeat again with mascara. This is the best way to keep your kajal looking hot and sexy. Without your lashes done, your eyes may look like they’re drooping downwards.


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2. Catty Underliner

Forget about the cat liner, try the cat-eye underliner instead! Big night out? This is all you need to make a statement. Use a kajal that is tapered so that you can create shape with it.

#HauteTip: Again, don’t forget to do your lashes, but if you’re going for such a strong look in your under eye area, you want to tight line your eyes to ensure a non-droopy look. Just take the same kajal and apply a good amount to your upper water line (not on your lashes, but in your lashes and inside your upper waterline).


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3. White Underliner

If you prefer to stay away from black, or if you want your eyes to look big, opt for white or silver underliner instead. It makes just as bold a statement and despite the miracles of concealer, it’s a better option for people with major dark circles.

#HauteTip: Balance out the white in your under eyes by adding a little colour to your lids. Just shape your outer crease with a little brown or burnt orange shade.


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4. Smokey Underliner

Give your underliner a smokey effect by using a tapered blending brush to smoke out evenly applied kajal with brown eyeshadow. Again, bold lashes are a must!

#HauteTip: Good tools are the secret to a great eye look. Experiment and have fun. You’ll eventually figure out how to do it right!


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5. Shoot Some Colour Into It

If you’re bored of black, white, and brown, then why not try some colour? As you can see above, I’m obsessed with lilac underliner. They’re wearable for almost any occasion, but if you want to go bolder… hey, why not?


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Givenchy Khol Couture in Lilac

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