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#HauteHack: Use A Turmeric “Toothpaste” For Whiter Teeth!

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I’m sure by now you know all about the wonderful health benefits of Indian spices. Among them all, turmeric reigns supreme for many, many reasons. Turmeric is a really powerful spice known for its antiseptic properties, so it helps to heal scars, stem the flow of blood from cuts and bruises, and treat several other injuries. So yes, there’s a reason why us Indians use such a lot of turmeric in our food!

But that’s not what this hack is about. I don’t know about you, but I like to believe that our grandmothers knew a thing or two about natural home remedies and treatments made in the comfort of your own kitchen. And the turmeric “toothpaste” is one such home remedy for whitening yellow teeth. What’s more, you don’t even need any fancy ingredients to try this hack. All you need is this:

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • A little bowl
  • Your toothbrush
  • Your regular toothpaste

Mix the turmeric powder and coconut oil in a bowl and stir till you get a thick paste. Coconut oil turns liquid in room temperature so make sure to store this mix in a cool place before use so that things don’t get too messy (this is a messy process!). Apply the paste all over your teeth with your toothbrush and brush as per usual for a few minutes. You will notice your mouth and teeth turning yellow but don’t be alarmed. Let the mix sit in your mouth for a few minutes, then rinse out a couple of times with water to really get the stuff out. Let me warn you at this point that this isn’t the most pleasant-tasting thing in the world, but the results are pretty good for a temporary, at-home whitening treatment. Finish the ordeal off by gently brushing again with your regular toothpaste. The result? Whiter, shinier teeth.

No way, you say! Sounds counterproductive, right? How can something that permanently stains your white shirt yellow make your white teeth whiter? Well, it’s a tried and tested home truth and this is why. Turmeric has astringent properties and is also abrasive, so it can put a nice polish on your teeth when used occasionally. The key here is to use this at-home treatment only once in a while when a trip to the dentist is cumbersome and/or expensive.

Pro Tip: Use an old toothbrush, because this will stain your brush. Also, consider spreading out a couple of tissue papers or an old newspaper around the wash basin while you brush so that you don’t have to scrub it after!


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