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5 Tips To Look Fresh Without Any Makeup

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We’re so used to it, aren’t we — those little concealer touch ups and a dab of rouge? But what if I told you, you don’t need makeup to achieve a presentable, fresh face?

This isn’t to say you aren’t presentable without makeup — if that’s what you’re feeling, then you do you, boo!

But I think these tricks are a great way to have your skin feeling good without dolling up with makeup.

Plus, this way, you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting off your face through the day. I particularly love these tips for work or for the airport.


1. Get Glowing

Skip to about 4:20 for the quick hacks and tips. Following these tips on a daily basis will have you looking glowy and will improve your skin overtime. A little bit of shimmer and a dewy, DIY spray is all you really need for fresh looking skin.


2. Brows!

Did you know you can use hair spray to comb your brow hairs into place? All you need is a spooli brush and you’re good to go. Check out Nikkie’s hack number 2! This will make your brows appear shapely and thicker, if they’re set in the right place.


3. Lips!

You don’t need lipstick for soft, pink-toned lips. Just try these easy hacks for pretty pink lips. In fact, try them every day for a lasting effect, and finish off with lip balm.


4. Rosy / Pink Cheeks

Beetroot, seriously? Now I know why mom used to force me to eat those. I can’t complain, though. I’ve come to love them and their health benefits. Little did I know I could use this on my cheeks or on my lips, as well! Personally, I find the beetroot hack easier than the rose one.

5. Mascara

The very first hack on this video shows you how to use Vaseline to instantly add volume to your lashes. Take a bit of the jelly on your fingers and apply it on your lashes. Then take your fave mascara wand and apply as you normally would. You’ll immediately notice that your eyelashes are looking more voluminous, and hey, we all know how nourishing Vaseline is!


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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