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This Pampering Hair Care Ritual Is Perfect To Give Your Hair Some TLC

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I recently attended a wedding and while that’s always fun, there are a few takeaways that guests always get to carry home with them that aren’t the ones intended by the hosts. For example, the hosts would want you to take home a box of intricately designed chocolates placed in the hotel room. They don’t want you to take all the toiletries from the room. I came away from this wedding with more than just tangible takeaways and a lifetime of memories, both of which I will cherish, don’t think me to be ungrateful. But I also came home with crunchy hair. Now, crunchy is a great way to describe cereal. Not so much, hair. But with four functions and four elaborate hairstyles, my hair was heaving with hairspray and pins.

So when the offer came up for a Sova Hair Care Ritual at the Vous Salon, I was raring to go. My hair could use some TLC. That would be understating it, My hair was crying out loud for some TLC. A work day was chosen and I made my way to the salon that would be giving my hair the love it so badly needed.

You can tell they’ve thought this through. The products are laid out beautifully on a copper tray transporting you immediately to another more royal era, making you feel like a princess. It starts off the with application of oil. They use their Brahmi and Hibiscus Hair Massage Oil for this. The oil is worked into the hair with a head massage which after a long day puts you into a deep slumber from which you are rudely awakened by the sound of your own snoring. Then, the mask is applied. The oil is then washed off with a sweet smelling shampoo. They used the Sova Jatamansi Root and Indian Rose Shampoo For Treated Hair for this. 

You’re whisked back to the chair where a nourishing mask, the Sova Yava & Rosemary Intense Repair Hair Mask in this case,  is applied with expertise, to deeply condition frayed hair. At this point, your hair is slicked back and while you enjoy the pampering you are also jolted into noticing your receding hairline. Or that’s just me? Moving on, then.

Your hair is then washed out, and you get a sexy blowout that puts a bounce in your step. The Sova Kashmiri Walnut and Violet Flower Anti Frizz Hair Serum to keep the frizz at bay is then applied to the hair. When you walk out, you are hoping someone is watching because surely you deserve your moment in the spotlight now, more than ever. Of course, the only volunteers I had on this front were the security who didn’t understand my enthusiasm and looked palpably uncomfortable. My hair, on the other hand, looked fabulous. 

We recommend getting your hair the Sova Hair Care Ritual. It’s splendid.


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