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This Hollywood Singer Does Her Makeup In The Weirdest Way Possible!

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Lana Del Rey isn’t a stranger when it comes to makeup. Her retro-esque approach to the looks she usually goes for are so beautiful, it makes you want to try them too. Recently uploading a video on her Instagram, the singer gave her followers a glimpse into her makeup routine! And boy, were we left fascinated. Using a her brow pencil (which Elle suspects to be either Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wizz or Maybelline New York’s Micro Pencil) to brush out and fill in her brows, the 31-year-old singer used the very same pencil to hide away what looks like a pimple or a freckle. How you ask? Well, she simply dots the spot and gives it that ‘beauty-spot’ touch. We know that this is an age-old hack (probably back then it was called a technique), but way-to-go Lana. Next time you have a measly little bump on your face, you know how to turn it around now!

She has hypnotised us with her voice before, but combine that with her humming and whistling to the tunes of John Lennon and you somehow have yourself a very soothing makeup video. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!


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