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High-Shine Lip Gloss Is Back & We Can ALL Rock It!

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Since everything is paying homage to the 90s these days, so are our lips! Remember when high shine lipstick, glossy lips, and shimmer gloss were all the rage?

In case you were just a toddler back then, #flashback…

(Thankfully, we don’t do white smokey eyes anymore… or thread-thin brows. What can I say? We live, we learn.)

But when it comes to high-shine lips, I’m all on board!

Bloggers, models, and celebrities have really been rocking the trend, and makeup brands are including at least a couple of lip gloss launches into their collections.

So, if you want to give this look a go, I’m listing some great lip glosses and high-shine lipsticks that will amplify your pout, high definition style!

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche l’Extraordinaire Shine Lipstick (Rs 950)

 1. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche l’Extraordinaire Shine Lipstick

This product is available in shades of orange, pink, and red. It really packs on the gloss and can be worn alone, as lipstick.
LA Colors Lip Gloss

L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lipgloss – French Kiss (Rs 325)

2. L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lipgloss – French Kiss

These super shine lip glosses also give off intense pigment and shine. They’re available in some super cool colours that remind you of the ’90s even more!

Deborah Lip Gloss

Deborah Euphoric Shine 24Ore Lip Gloss – 2 Forever Fuchsia (Rs 625)

3. Deborah Euphoric Shine 24Ore Lip Gloss

This one is a classic lip gloss, available in pink and nude. Wear it in the centre of your lips and dab your lips together to shape your pout in ultra HD.

lakme lip gloss

4. Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss

Pinks, neutrals, and coral are just a few shades in this range. Lakmé’s gloss delivers high shine and adds a plumping effect to your lip. You may want to wear a neutral lip liner underneath for better colour payoff, and for the product to last.

ciate lip gloss

Ciaté London Lip Lusture High Shine Balm (Rs 1,008)

5. Ciaté London Lip Lusture High Shine Balm

Your pout will be the life of the party with this high shine, high shimmer, and high gloss formula. It can be worn on bare lips or over lipstick.
essence lip gloss

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (Rs 229)

6. Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss

This is good ol’ lip gloss! It’s a classic that can be worn even when gloss isn’t trending. These glosses aren’t super pigmented so wear them over liner, lipstick, or bare. The choice is yours.


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