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10 Things You Should NEVER Put On Your Face

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I’m an enthusiastic DIY-er. I love scouring recipes that promise to make my skin, hair, nails better. However, not every hack or trick delivers, and some cause more harm than good. That’s why I’m wary of hacks that do not appeal to my better sense. Here is a list of hacks that have been lauded on the internet as multi-purpose wonders but in reality, do not belong anywhere near your face. Pay attention girls, it’s better to be cautious than regret things later!

1. Hairspray

I come across this beauty hack often, and it never fails to weird me out. The logic goes that in case you run out of make-up setting spray, just whip out your hairspray and help your face to a few spritzes and you’re golden. Apparently, hairspray does a great job of setting your make-up and keeping it in place just like it holds your hairstyle. Ladies, I’d keep my face miles away from hairspray if I were you. It contains lacquers and alcohol, which have a drying effect on the skin. Besides, it could also irritate your skin and make you break out. NOT pretty!

2. Deodorant

Another ‘hack’ I’ve read fairly regularly is to use deodorant to control excess oil on your face. Just because deodorant keeps the sweat in your underarms under control, doesn’t mean you swipe it over your face. It’s true you don’t want your make-up to melt off your skin, but learn how to sweat-proof your make-up instead of blocking your pores. Your skin needs to breathe and there’s no reason why you should stop its healthy functioning.

3. Hair colour

First of all, you need to chuck that archaic rule out of the window; the one that says you MUST match your hair colour to your eyebrows. Never use box colour or any colour meant for the hair on your head to colour your brows. It’s extremely dangerous, and when it comes to my eyesight I like to play it safe. Stick to tinted brow mascaras if you must use some colour.

4. Shampoo

There’s a reason why we have different products for different parts of our body. You can’t make some products multi-task, just like you wouldn’t pop the same pill you have for an upset stomach for times when you have a headache. Shampoos are meant for cleansing the scalp and hair shaft and not to mess with your delicate facial skin.

5. Hair serum

So it works just fine on your hair, but don’t even think of making your hair serum do double duty as a face serum. Your hair and your skin need different ingredients even though both need nourishment and moisture. Besides, most hair serums have a strong fragrance which can irritate your facial skin.

6. Body lotion

I know it can be a little tedious to use different creams, lotions and potions on your face and body. Life would be a lot easier if you could use one product all over, right? However, no matter what happens do not apply body lotion on your face. It is way too thick for your facial skin, and will most probably end up clogging your pores. Always use something that’s gentle and delicate, AND meant for your face.

7. Vegetable shortening or ghee

While a lot of people say this works wonders on dry chapped skin, do not fall for it. It might work for your body and lips, but you don’t want to get it on your facial skin, or more appropriately anywhere close to your pores. It’s too thick, too creamy, and too sticky to do your face any good.

8. Nail polish or any body paint

I’m really forced to wonder how people are so callous about their skin. It’s alright to want to paint your face for a costume party or Halloween, but must you resort to nail polish or paints that are more suited for canvas and other fabrics? They contain ingredients that will irritate and dry out your skin and you’ll probably break out in rashes. AVOID.

9. Acetic acids

It’s true, vinegar is a hero product in your kitchen. But applying it directly on your face is a strict no-no. As it ages, vinegar loses its water content and becomes stronger. It can actually burn your skin, and you don’t want to deal with sore, painful skin. Use products that contain vinegar as one of the ingredients, but don’t use it by itself.

10. Mayonnaise

I’ve read a lot about mayonnaise hair masks reviving dull, damaged hair and I can vouch for this DIY. I’ve tried it innumerable times and it has never failed me. However, this intensely hydrating hair mask is acidic and occlusive, and while it is THE best thing for your tresses, it actually clogs your pores and preventing your skin from breathing. Not cool.


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