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6 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Dry Skin

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Most women have really oil and acne-riddled skin in their teens. However, your skin, more or less, settles down by the time you hit your 20s. Surprisingly, a lot of girls who claim to have oily and sensitive skin actually have normal to dry skin because they are not really paying heed to what their skin wants by sticking to the same products and routine they followed in their teenage. If your pores aren’t large and your skin often feels tight and flaky with dry patches, you definitely have dry skin. With dry skin, a regular moisturiser hardly works. You really need to invest in skincare products like a hydrating serum and nourishing face oils, besides a rich cream and, most importantly, never commit these mistakes:

1. Forgetting Or Skipping Moisturiser

This is absolutely the WORST thing you can do. Dry skin is literally begging for moisture. While it’s not fine even for people with normal and oily skin to skip moisturiser, not hydrating your skin when it’s on the drier end is even worse. You might even have to amp up your skin regime by adding a hydrating serum to your regular moisturiser in the AM and using a richer moisturiser loaded with natural oils before you hit the sack.

2. Over-Exfoliating

Whether the temperature dips or not, dry skin tends to get flaky pretty often. While it is tempting to just buff the flaky skin away, using an exfoliant more than twice a week is like signing your skin’s death sentence. Stripping your skin by over-exfoliating it will lead to even drier patches and will definitely leave your skin irritated. Also, avoid using harsh exfoliating products that have gritty texture. Chemical peels do a far better job of getting rid of the dead skin, while being gentle on the skin.

3.Taking Hot Showers

There’s no refuting the fact that taking a hot shower is just the perfect way to end a long, hard day. However, using extremely hot water can be detrimental to the health of dry skin. Switch to lukewarm water. Also, limit your time in the shower. Avoid taking long baths. The more exposed your skin is to water, the drier it will get.

4. Using Products With Alcohol

Alcohol in products is not a bad thing. What matters though is how much alcohol content a product has. Products with high amounts of alcohol dry out your skin. Always glance through the ingredients to check if a product will sit well with your dry skin.

5. Using Harsh Cleansers

With dry skin, you always have to make sure that you aren’t stripping your skin of its moisture. Using strong and harsh cleansers might get your makeup off in a jiffy, but will leave your skin feeling parched and raw. Invest in a gentle cleanser that does its job thoroughly while hydrating your skin.

6. Using Powder-Based Makeup

Dry skin generally tends to be flaky and dehydrated at the same time. Powder-based products have a remarkable quality of settling into fine lines and highlighting flakiness. Dry-skinned girls need to look for creamy formulas that will make your skin look nourished and plump. Avoid matte formulas and look for words like dewy and hydrating while buying makeup.


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