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These Beauty Products Are Total Life Savers!

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Weddings are stressful — whether you want to admit it or not, behind the magical doors of love and unity, lies a bridezilla waiting to emerge. I mean, months of planning for one day, which mind you, will never go as perfectly as you want it to, is so totally frivolous. Even if you bring out your inner Monica Gellar, you are bound to have a Rachel Green moment at your wedding — it’s natural. Now we might not be able to prevent major disasters like your weird uncle getting too hammered and spilling your childhood secrets, but we can help you out by prepping you up for the little accidents that could possibly take place. So here’s what needs to be in your emergency wedding kit, so that you can have a less stressful day.


You DO NOT need a whole entourage of makeup or beauty products for this one — just make sure you have the essentials in your kit. Compact powder and blotting paper are absolutely essential to begin with, in order to keep your makeup intact and fresh all through the crazy day. Make sure you also carry around a facial mist, just so that the actual tiredness that you feel doesn’t show on your face. Mints and tissues are must-haves. I think that is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? In terms of your hair, you’ll need to add a strong-hold hairspray and bobby pins just to keep those stubborn strays in place. Since you are going to be smiling all day (mostly, fake towards the end of the evening) your lips will need to be on point, so keep them hydrated with some lip balm! Lastly, have a deodorant around to keep you smelling as fresh as a daisy.



Altoids Curiously Strong Mints (Rs 540)



Oriflame Face Blotting Tissue (Rs 195)



Bobby Pins 72 pieces (Rs 120)



Essence Mattifying Compact Powder (Rs 349)



Fab India Rose Face Water (Rs 240)



Kiehl’s Deodorant Cream (Rs 1,500)



Schwarzkopf Osis + Session Label Strong Hold Hair Spray (Rs 665)



The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care (Rs 298)



Being one of the most important parts of your emergency kit, YOU CANNOT forget any of these. Make sure you carry loads of safety pins in case of any dress-falling-and-ripping circumstances and, if that doesn’t work, the mini sewing kit will. In terms of footwear, carry a pair of your most comfortable flats — you do not want to look like an injured puppy during your first wedding dance. And in case you do get blisters from those gorgeously painful heels, plasters are the way to go! If you’re wearing an outfit that tends to slip easily, having some double-sided body tape around would be handy. And lastly, don’t forget an extra pair of underwear — it’s never a bad idea to make sure you have an extra one on standby.


DressBerry Women White Woven Flats (Rs 1,039)



Portable Mini Sewing Kit (Rs 260)


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