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These 7 Hairstyles Are Perfect For A Long Face

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If you’ve been on Pinterest, you know that a hairstyle is not just a hairstyle. It’s a complex formula involving face shape, weight, size, colour and what not. That multiplied by how much you want to invest in hair products and how often you will get a haircut. Plus, you’ve to add what kind of maintenance you will put in. Yes, it sounds exhausting and probably something you should handover to, like an analyst, to help you come up with a solution. But we simplified it all for you in this article. We tell you the hairstyles that you could sport if you have a long face. And then, because you are smiling, you won’t have such a long face, right? Okay, I will see myself out. 

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Add bangs

Usually, when you have a long face, the forehead is where the party is at. Chances are, you have a big, wide forehead. Break this up by adding bangs. It’ll make your face look smaller, give you some volume on top, and your forehead won’t look like you could land a plane on it. 

Side part

No matter what kind of hair you have, curly, wavy or straight, parting your hair to the side is a great idea. It adds volume to the sides, making your face appear wider and therefore, less long. Plus, you can play around with this to create different looks. 

Asymmetrical bob

With a long face, a bob of any kind almost always works. With the asymmetrical bob, you are filling out the sides, drawing attention to the asymmetry and breaking up the length of the face. You could add curls or plenty of volume for that added oomph!

Wispy layers

With this haircut, think of lots and lots of layers. The wispiness of the cut adds lots of drama and volume to the sides, making the face appear shorter. The layers also make for some fun looks so you have plenty to play with. 

A-line long bob

In theory, the A-line long bob sounds like it could actually work against a long face. But practically, an A-line bob is longer at the back and shorter in the front. This plays out wonderfully to strategically flatter your face because the sides frame the face at the widest part. Perfect!

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Long and curly

Yes, we have been advocating going short with your hair if you have a long face, but if you like having length, there’s nothing wrong with going long and curly. You need to keep the frizz in check though. Taming the hair with a little spray or serum should work fabulously. 

Strategic Layers

See, layers can go from stunning to sorry very quickly. And if you have a long face, you have to specially be strategic about layers. You want them to add volume on the sides of the face without falling limp in other areas. But make sure you talk to your stylist about getting layers where they will give your face a fuller appearance.


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