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This Spa-lon In Bandra Is Perfect To Unwind After A Hectic Week

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I am a manicure-pedicure fiend. There! I said it. I am addicted to having pretty nails and will travel to far corners of the world where they offer great nail services. Okay, I *maybe* a little dramatic. But I am just saying I am a patron of nail services. Over the weekend, I was invited by the The White Door in Bandra to try their Grandma’s Pedicure and I have already booked in the next appointment. 

I plucked my way through the crazy city traffic on a Saturday morning (yes, please make note of my dedication) and arrived at the salon. There’s something about this place that is instantly calming. I think it’s the rose gold and white interiors. So pretty! I was the introduced to Sana Dhanani, the founder of the space and she explained the little tweaks they have made to the regular salon experience to make The White Door an oasis of calmness and relaxation.

For example (and this was really impressive), they pride themselves on being extremely hygienic. The tools used on your during the nail treatments are given to you when you leave. I couldn’t wait and this must have been evident because at this point, Sana escorted me into the salon.

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The first thing that strikes you about this place is how amazingly quiet it is. Every chair comes with a tab, headphones and a menu of food and drinks that go with your service. I was already feeling very pampered. Before they start the service, they analyse your feet and recommend a pedicure for your feet, based on your concerns. My Grandma’s pedicure started and every product used on my skin smelled heavenly. The Grandma’s pedicure also has a mask that’s a mix of sandalwood powder and rose water that smells delicious and makes your feet look and feel like silk. An hour later, my feet looked scrubbed clean, filed and felt like a baby’s bottom. By that, of course, I mean that they were really soft. I was walked over to the dryer station, gingerly stepping around because my nails were painted, but they assured me it wasn’t going to get smudged. And they were right. My polish is chip-free, shiny and amazing and I can’t stop staring at my feet. See, this is why I can’t get any work done. 

I walked out willing to show my feet to anyone who would look. I may have startled a few rickshawalas with this request. But hey, The White Door got a new patron.


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