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The Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils

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In a world that’s bursting at the seams with chemically infused beauty products, naturally foraged derivatives in skincare and beauty are like a breath of fresh air. And it doesn’t get better than essential oils. In layman’s terms, essential oils refer to the compounds and extracts that are derived from flowers, leaves and seeds. Basically, every part of a plant is a miracle-birthing component that lends the essence in essential oils. Known for their medicinal properties, essential oils have been used extensively in aromatherapy for ages. Not only do they do wonders for the skin, but also helps boost relaxation, clarity and mental positivity, and can be consumed via inhalation. Now it may all sound good but essential oils need to be handled with care, as sometimes direct contact can lead to skin irritation and allergic reaction. Our skin is unique, and finding the right ingredients that specifically suits us is an essential step in complexion care. So, here’s how you can make the most of these plant-based derivatives and give your skin that extra boost.


Dry Skin

People who suffer from dry skin can indulge their senses in floral chamomile. And no, it’s not just great as a tea but also as an essential oil. If you didn’t already know, chamomile is actually extracted from the daisy flower. How wholesome is that? The reason why chamomile works like magic on dry skin is due to the presence of azulene in it which is known for producing moisture and lessening skin irritation. Now you don’t want to go about rubbing it directly on your skin as it can trigger allergies. We suggest going for the Chamomile Balm from Arcona, which not only rids the skin of redness but also give it a moisture burst and a bouncy feel.


Oily Skin

If the sebum on your face has been driving you crazy, then you, my friend, have fallen prey to oily skin. It’s no fun when your skin gets greasy and looks shiny all the time, and that’s where Neroli oil comes in. It’s known to have citral as one of the main components. Derived from the flower of the Seville orange, citral is one of its main elements, extracted from citrus fruits. Let’s face it in a country that’s replete with pollution and dust, people with oily skin are prone to even more harm. We suggest keeping Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion handy. Steeped with lavender water and a generous amount of Neroli oil, the lotion is the perfect alternative for sunscreen. With SPF 25, not only does it shelter your skin from the harsh rays of the sun but the lightweight lotion also ensures that your face doesn’t get all shiny as you go through the day.


Acne-prone Skin

Regular breakouts on the face been getting you down? We feel for you girl. Pesky acne marks can be the devil in disguise for they have a tendency to not budge from the face. Who do you turn to when no acne remedy works for you? A solid tea-tree oil might do you wonders. One of the most effective essential oils, tea-tree is a natural antiseptic, therefore the best remedy for acne-prone skin. It’s antimicrobial properties, commonly attributed to the presence of terpenes in the oil destroy acne-causing bacteria and give your skin a smooth finish. And the best way to go about using the oil is by applying it directly on the acne. Which is why Sunday Riley’s Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil (U.F.O) is the perfect match for acne-prone skin. The quick absorbent oil is best used before going to bed and early in the morning right after cleaning your face. Packed with salicylic acid, which is also known to target acne, U.F.O unclogs congested pores and intensively treats those stubborn acne marks. It’s the most straightforward answer to bid adieu to scarring.


Pigmented Skin

Pigmentation can occur due to an assortment of issues. Spent too much time under the sun, you definitely have uneven skin tone. Prone to breakouts, oh you are very much a target for pigmentation. According to studies, the complicated looking fruit, that is the pomegranate can be your saviour. Maybe not the fruit itself but pomegranate seed oil is known to reverse sun damage and regenerate skin cells that help lessen the signs of pigmentation. Kora Organics’s Noni Glowing Face Oil is the answer to your prayers. Packed with a ton of essential oils, with pomegranate oil being one of the main ingredients, this one is a combination of antioxidants and fatty acids that bring back an even tone to the skin. The application process is very critical for this product; you are supposed to warm a few drops before applying them to your face and decolletage. And voila! Hello, beautiful skin.


Sensitive Skin

It is not uncommon to have skin that is extremely sensitive. And it can be so annoying when you have to refrain from using any beauty product regardless of how mild it is. To add to that, it is very common to get skin rashes when you are a victim of sensitive skin. To battle that you need something that tones down the itchiness and irritation caused to the skin. And that’s where eucalyptus oil comes to your rescue. The medicinal plant which is also used to make lozenges performs great on sensitive skin due to its antibacterial and pain-relieving properties. Think of it as an anaesthetic for your skin. Eve Lom’s cleanser which has a bounty of mild ingredients like eucalyptus oil and Egyptian chamomile helps in decongesting the skin of impurities and irritants which result in rashes.


Ageing Skin

As natural as any process, ageing is a part and parcel for every living organism. Especially for your skin. As the years go by, your skin gradually loses its elasticity which leads to sagging and wrinkles. And as much as we like to embrace our natural beauty, it can be painful to see the fine lines begin to show on the face. Now, it’s not possible to turn back time and get that youthful skin again, but ageing gracefully is quite possible. Grapeseed oil aids in that. Extracted from crushed grape seeds, the oil comes with its share of linoleic acid which is a fatty acid. And you know what that means? you can wave goodbye to wrinkles, for grapeseed oil helps in getting firmer and taut skin. Caudalie’s Premier Cru Anti-Aging Rich Cream is a concoction of all the good things that help fight visible signs of ageing. Just a pea-size amount every morning and evening is enough to give your ageing skin a healthy boost of youthfulness. And who are we to say no to that?


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