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The First Fenty Beauty Highlighter Palette Is Here, Right In Time For The Festive Season!

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The beginning of the year is for new starts, resolutions and saving money. Because the end of year, this season specifically, is where cash is spent, the wallet is emptied and the cards are all maxed out. ‘Manage your finances’, you say. Easier said than done. Have you seen the new makeup collections that are out there? How can I not have those?

This is a particularly stressful period for makeup junkies, what with beauty brands releasing their holiday collections! One of the first releases that has me so excited, I may have peed a little is Fenty Beauty’s first ever highlighter palette. This is no ordinary highlighter palette. First of all, look at those colours. That’s anything but usual.

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If there’s anything we know about Fenty Beauty, it is that they don’t do regular. They like to experiment. Like Trophy Wife, the highlighter from the same brand. Every one thought that it would be ‘too yellow” or “too golden” but almost every person who used it was a convert.

Now this palette that drops on 12th October around the world flaunts 7 unusual shades. There are blues, purples, maroons and browns. Nothing you’ve seen before but knowing the brand, it’s likely to became a rage by the time we get to New Year’s!


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