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The Eyelash Hack That Will Give You Super Curled Lashes

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Lashes are an oft forgotten but important part of your makeup routine. Brows and lashes are the framing features of your face. They can add a lifting effect and open up your eyes. When I have absolutely no time for makeup, I make sure I don’t step out of the house without doing my brows and adding a few coats of mascara to my lashes. Now, if it’s a night out, I give added attention to my lashes, sometimes I even add falsies. But if you’re no faux lash pro, then here’s a little trick to give you pretty, fluttery eyelashes.


1. Clear Mascara

Use a clear mascara to coat your lashes and fix them in place.


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2. Lash Curler

Then use a lash curler with 1 orĀ 2 pumps to curl your lashes upwards.



3. Hair Dryer

Yes, I said hair dryer. Heat your lash curling tool up with your hair dryer. Make sure it is on medium heat. Then, curl your lashes with the heated curler, once again. Finish your lash look with loads of mascara. You get bonus points if you multi-task as you’re doing your hair!

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