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I Tried The Cosmetic Republic’s Hair Care Essentials For A Month And This Is How They Worked For My Frizzy Hair

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As a high-schooler who got teased for her ‘noodlehead’, I spent a lot of years pulling and straightening my curls every single day. All that is in the past though since I started loving my natural waves and focusing on making them look healthy naturally, with care, diet, and exercise. I guess the best way to describe my hair would be to compare it with a temperamental teenager who can throw a tantrum, triggered at the sight of the slightest inconvenience. The outer layer is frizzy, and inside it’s silky wavy with great texture. Which is why I am always on the lookout for products that will tame that frizz and hydrate in my without overdoing it on my already temperamental scalp. My quest to find this perfect combination took me to The Cosmetic Republic, whose everyday hair care essentials became a part of my routine for a month.

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Based in Barcelona (Spain) the paraben and sulfate-free product line of The Cosmetic Republic respects the scalp’s natural balance. Their patented exclusive formulas go through a cold-pressed production process, which makes them more effective. They are also enriched at the same time with essential vitamins to obtain healthier and stronger hair.

For myself, I picked three of their bestsellers and put them to the test for a month. One of the biggest hair sins women commit is to give up new things just after a couple of washes. This is counterproductive since hair products need to stew in for a while before we see any changes, good or bad. This is why immersed my tresses in the brand’s Multivitamin Shampoo, Scalp Mask and Night Revitalizing Vitamins and this is what happened.

The Cosmetic Republic Multivitamin Shampoo

The ideal shampoo for me would be something that lathers up enough to clean my almost-afro of a mane in one go! What I loved about this product was how little you need for even super thick hair, just lather it up before with water. While the shampoo smells good, this one couldn’t get my stubborn scalp clean. I also have very thick and bouncy texture, the shampoo ended up weighing it down. The product is enriched with vitamins A, B, C, E and F, and keratin microspheres, which help reinvigorate fine, weak and dull hair, also helping out with hair fall issues. This wash might be good for women who are facing these issues. I had to go to my heavy-duty lather washes after this.

The Cosmetic Republic Scalp Revitalising Mask

The scalp mask from The Cosmetic Republic is made with keratin microspheres, wheat extract, and natural proteins. With just a couple of massages into wet hair in a week and you are good to go. But that’s if you don’t already have an oily scalp, which I do. The hair mask is super hydrating and softening, so I kept it away from my scalp and only used it from mid-lengths twice a week. I like the mask, it is an upgrade on regular conditioners and my frizzy hair could use some extra pampering every now and then!

The Cosmetic Republic Night Revitalizing Vitamins

Now, this is a product that I will be purchasing again. This solution is rich in elements like B3, B5, B6, C, E vitamins and keratin microspheres, they revitalize and promote the appearance of stronger hair while we sleep. The product is light and can be sprayed all over one’s hair and scalp without making them oily. It also has a mild fragrance that won’t irritate you in your sleep. I have noticed a considerable reduction in hair fall, with my mane appearing fuller and thicker after I wash the solution off. It is so easy to get off as well!

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To sum up, I loved the revitalising spray and could see myself including that in my essentials kit. As for the shampoo and hair mask, I would suggest it for people with less oily scalps.

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