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Bushra’s New Oil-Infused Scrub Is Just Right For Summer

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I hate summers. I know “hate” is a strong word, and I usually prefer words like “dislike”, “detest”, or even “loathe” to describe any negative feelings. But summer? I absolutely, positively hate it. And I’m pretty sure most girls in Bombay feel my pain. There’s the heat and humidity that make hairstyling a futile exercise, the sweat that makes washing hair everyday mandatory, the clogged pores and breakouts, the dehydrated skin. Oh, the list of grievances is endless!

The one thing I dread the most in the summer is prickly heat. Caused by blocked sweat glands, prickly heat is perhaps the most unbearable thing about this season. Sometimes sweat gets trapped beneath your skin when you sweat excessively. The trapped sweat then leads to irritated skin, i.e. prickly heat, also known as a heat rash. This is why exfoliating your skin becomes even more important in the summer. I already use a natural loofah brush before taking a shower but I’ve also been looking out for an exfoliating scrub to alternate with my dry brushing ritual. Most exfoliating scrubs are very abrasive and cause more harm than good; which brought me to the African Ximenia Scrub from The Body Shop’s latest collection of body care products.


The Body Shop Spa of The World African Ximenia Scrub In Post_Hauterfly

The Body Shop Spa of The World African Ximenia Scrub

Creamy and luxurious, the scrub contains Ximenia Oil sourced from Namibia, which makes the skin silky smooth and leaves a delicate fragrance behind. This fine and gentle scrub has a grainy texture, which does a thorough job of exfoliating without leaving your skin raw. Because of its oil content, the scrub melts on the skin and a little goes a long way. I like that it has a mild fragrance, nothing that’s overpowering. This sounds like the perfect product for an at-home spa session!

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