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This Coconut Hair Oil Is Zahra’s Regular Weekend Ritual

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I hated coconut oil as a child. Like really HATED it.

Having studied in a boarding school in Panchgani for six years, it was a weekly battle for our dorm matron to scream us into submission every Saturday for a coconut oil massage (and I use the word “massage” here very loosely). Post being doused in what seemed like a bucket of oil, our hair was then violently combed and tightly braided till we were allowed to wash it on Sunday morning (or evening, depending on the water supply). What’s more, the damn oil wouldn’t come off even after three washes, often leaving me in a pool of frustrated tears. You can see why I was so traumatised by it.

Needless to say, I refused to let a bottle of oil near my hair for many years post breaking free from boarding school. These were also the years where I indulged in all sorts of crazy experiments on my then healthy, curly hair. I straightened them a few times, and also coloured them in various shades of blonde, red, and purple. I never wore my hair curly all through college; so much so, that classmates who’d bump into me years later were surprised that my hair wasn’t naturally straight all along! Those years of abuse caught up with me eventually, leaving my once gorgeous hair dull, lifeless, and dry as straw. So I gave up all chemical treatments and colour jobs and decided to be #CurlyAndProud here on out.

The one treatment I did start again though was good old coconut oil. Mostly because my mum (who still continues to have thick, waist-length hair, btw) coaxed me into it with her gentle and oh-so-relaxing champis on Sundays.


The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil In-post

The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil


While I did start out with Parachute’s trusty coconut oil in the beginning, I continued to hate washing it off because even three shampoos later my hair felt icky. And we all know how over-shampooing your hair can strip your scalp of its natural oils and complicate matters by resulting in a head full of dandruff and dry lengths. I didn’t want to give up on the goodness of coconut oil though, so I decided to find something else that would be just as effective but less traumatic.

That’s when I discovered The Body Shop’s Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil, and I swear it has become the highlight of my Sunday afternoons over the years. This is a luxuriously silky oil, and popping open the lid lets out a fragrant whiff of sweet, fruity and nutty notes that are very different from regular coconut oil. I actually think it’s pretty divine! What’s more, it has a host of other oils including Pracaxi Oil that ensure it’s not sticky or greasy like other oils in the market. It’s fairly lightweight in comparison and absorbs quickly into the scalp instead of just sitting on top of it. It’s the perfect overnight treatment for my dry, curly locks and leaves my hair smoother and shinier.┬áThe best part? It takes just two washes to get the product off, and even if it’s probably not all gone I don’t mind because it never leaves my hair limp — at all.

Sometimes, I even use it as a serum on dry hair to control my curls and flyaways, and the sweet scent makes my hair smell positively delectable. Truly, just use a little bit and I promise it won’t weigh your hair down. It is also paraben- and silicon-free, and the brand’s cruelty-free ethos making me feel so much better about using it.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure it does much for hair fall because it’s still something I battle with. But if what you’re after is healthier, shinier, more manageable hair, then I totally recommend this product. It’s turned my intense loathing of coconut oil into a weekly Sunday ritual I can’t do without!

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