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The Best Scalp Scrubs To Give You The Lushest Hair

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Your scalp can really go to the trenches if you’re a product junkie like us. Spoiler alert: just because you are washing your hair thrice a week doesn’t mean all that sweat, oil and styling spray buildup are getting washed out. And when your roots are greasy, and follicles are all clogged up, your hair can look, well, not so pretty. Maybe you’re developing a dandruff issue, or your ends refuse to grow past your shoulders. Or perhaps your scalp neglect is leading to your hair never feeling properly clean. Which is where scalp scrubs come in. Just like an exfoliator for your face these gritty formulas will upgrade your wash-day routine, helping leave each follicle clean and content. And frankly, until you’ve massaged your head with these dense, grainy exfoliators, you’ve not experienced true shower nirvana. Scroll through to snap up a scalp scrub, and get ready to fall back in love with shampoo days.

If You Have Finer Hair

scalp scrub

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub (Rs 3846)

Finer textures tend to get product build-up more easily, so opt for a scalp scrub with slightly coarser exfoliants, like this sugar-based one from Ouai to keep your scalp clean. It’s filled with coconut oil to mitigate dryness, and its exfoliating sugar crystals increase healthy microcirculation and natural defenses against bacteria. Just massage a pea sized amount in circular motions on your scalp to gently exfoliate. The biggest bonus? You can use this scalp scrub on your body, too.

If You Have Dry, Flaky Scalp


Briogeo Scalp Revival (Rs 3000)

If you struggle with dryness, you can use a gentle scalp scrub like this one from Briogeo, rich in charcoal to draw impurities from your hair. The vegetable derived exfoliator is also formulated with coconut oil to lock in moisture, along with micro-exfoliators that work to gently remove flakes and dead skin cells. Free of all silicones and parabens, this one is a great alternative to chemical-infused shampoos.

If You Have Normal Hair


Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scrub (Rs 2560)

Okay, we know there’s no such thing as ‘normal’ hair, but if your mane doesn’t fall into any specific problem category you can use a good-for-everyone scalp scrub, like this one from IGK. This nutrient-rich, sulfate-free, cooling formula is like detox in a bottle. Designed to soothe the scalp after you’ve over indulged in heat styling and colouring, the scrub helps to restore shine. Its apple, cider, vinegar components clarifies the scalp, while the walnut oil adds some extra exfoliation. Clearly being Low Key, is anything but basic.

If You Have A Sensitive Scalp

crown scalp

R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub (Rs 2693)

Designed to detox, this product has a key natural component – Ecuadorian ivory palm seed powder – that provides light, yet effective exfoliation for the most sensitive of scalps. The formula is also loaded with kaolin clay to soak up grease (and, in turn, leave hair fuller) and argon oil to moisturize strands, so your skin doesn’t feel stripped or dried out. The scalp scrub also gets full marks for leaving the hair lightly fragranced with notes of Sicilian lemon, tangerine and green tea.

If You Have Itchy Irritated Scalp

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt (Rs 4000)

This sea-salt scrub breaks down the most stubborn buildup in a one use, making it a staple for treating gunky scalps, fast. The formula also promotes blood circulation for healthy hair. With its 100 percent plant-derived goodness, the scalp scrub drenches your hair with moisture, and you’ll be left with cleaner hair that lasts longer.

If You Have Coarse Or Thick Hair

crown scalp

Omorovicza Revitalizing Scalp Mask (Rs 5315)

The nozzle applicator on this product helps target your roots more easily, which is a savior for thicker-hair types. A pre-shampoo treatment, the Revitalizing Scalp Mask contains Hungarian moor mud to detoxify and revitalize the scalp. Just apply it to your wet roots in sections, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it out. The result? Soft, silky and super shiny hair – and a super moisturized scalp.

If You Have Lackluster Hair

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Goop G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub (Rs 3000)

Goop’s ‘clean’ scalp scrub is the best choice for anyone with ultra-dry dull hair, as the moringa and rosehip oils inside will deliver a deep hit of hydration. It has more of a moussey texture than the others, which makes for gentler scrub – brilliant choice if you’ve recently bleached your roots. Its Himalayan pink salt has great exfoliating properties while nourishing your hair. And its cleansing scent of geranium, orange and peppermint lingers in your hair for hours.

If You Have A Stressed Scalp

scalp scrub

Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser (Rs 3000)

Take it for the millennial-pink colour and recyclable packaging. Davine’s Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser has some serious cleansing properties to remove buildup and dirt, giving your hair a new lease of life. The shower ready scrub leans on sea salt, sourced from local farmer’s in Italy and beet root sugar extracts to wash away impurities and provide a cleanse so deep that you can easily trade this scalp scrub for you regular shampoo two to three times a week.


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