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The Best Beauty Gadgets To Up Your Game

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Navigating the world of beauty gadgets is tough. You can’t exactly take beauty tools for a test run, the way you would a shade of lipstick or foundation. But beauty technology is getting bigger than ever, causing us to wonder that could there be a day when all our precious serums and creams will be rendered obsolete, replaced by a bevy of high-tech beauty gadgets and devices? The short answer is probably not. No product-obsessed person would bid adieu to their trusty top shelf, but that’s not to say beauty gadgets won’t seriously upgrade skin care, and potentially shake the industry up. Need proof? Look through the latest launches of some of your favourite beauty brands and you’re sure to find a shiny new piece of technology. That’s right folks, tech innovation is taking over, and it’s only getting started. So, we thought it’s our duty to round up some of the best beauty gadgets that’ll make your life easier, and you never know, these might just switch up your daily beauty routine.

For Cleansing

foreo beauty gadget

Foreo Luna 2 (Rs 12,075)

This beauty gadget will give your face and neck a deep cleanse, and also stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness. It’s nifty anti-wrinkle system minuses the appearance of pores and blemishes, while taking care of concerns related to ageing skin. It’s lightweight and you’ll never have to buy a replacement brush head, as the silicone bristles are bacteria-resistant.

For Sculpting

sculpting gadget

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar (Rs 14,000)

This Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar, is a sleek-as-hell T-shaped contraption, that could be your skin’s new best friend. Comprised of 24-karat gold, the Japanese-inspired device works by lifting and sculpting the skin with a series of vibrations meant to mimic the effects of a professional massage. By stimulating circulation and allowing soothing vibrations to relax the facial muscles, tension is released and skin appears smoother and tighter. Oh, also don’t be surprised if the sensation lulls you to sleep (it’s that relaxing).

For Multi-Purpose Skincare

skin beauty gadget

Skin Inc Supplement Bar Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light+++ (Rs 20,072)

Can you believe that this one device offers not two or three, but five different benefits, all rolled into one? It’s no gimmick. Depending on what your complexion needs, the Skin Inc Supplement Bar Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ can help with just about any skin related issue. From reducing fine lines to brightening a dull complexion. What we love is its LED feature that targets specific problem areas and helps enhance the performance of skincare ingredients.

For Hair Removal

braun baauty gadget

Silk Expert Pro 5 (Rs 54,400)

Dubbed the safest, fastest and most efficient IPL model, from Braun, you can expect permanent hair reduction in as little as 4 weeks with this tiny gadget. Although it can’t be used on very light hair, it does have additional benefits of SensoAdapt technology that adapts to your skin tone for optimal safety. There’s three settings, including extra gentle, to limit discomfort too.

For Facial Rejuvenation

mask beauty gadget

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro (Rs 31,000)

If you can ignore that you look like you’ve stepped out of a sci-fi novel when you it, this mask is a high-tech facial at home. The device uses a combination of acne-clearing blue light and collagen boosting red light to improve the quality and appearance of your complexion in as little as a fortnight. One of the best beauty gadgets to drop this year.

For Blow Drying

dyson gadget

Dyson Airwrap (Rs 40,900)

There’s probably no hair dryer as coveted as the Dyson Airwrap. It delivers on styling to create everything from voluminous curls to soft beachy waves or straighter styles. The product attracts hair to its barrels, and then wraps it for you so no clamping, or awkward winding mechanisms. Just great curls and waves.

For Hair Straightening


GHD Platinum+ White Styler (Rs 13,400)

Long live good hair days. The GHD Platinum styler is so intelligent that it can even predict your hair needs and constantly adapts power to deliver great styling. Not just a recommendation because every teenage girl had or wanted a pair when growing up, GHD’s hair straighteners are the kind of beauty gadgets that reads each section of your hair, without compromising on its health.

For Microneedling


GloPro Microneedling Regeneration Tool (Rs 14,214)

We can’t blame you for being a little scared of microneedling (it sounds painful), but it comes highly recommended by beauty experts. After the first few uses your skin will feel bouncier, and your pores tighter. It also helps in collagen production and break up acne scarring. We love that you can swap the needle head for a rose quartz roller to soothe and depuff your skin.

For Facial Steaming


Panasonic Nano-Sized Iconic Steamer (Rs 21,041)

This genius steamer gives you the same professional results as the facials you splurge in once a year. One push of a button releases warm hot nano-sized steam for six minutes. This simple operation allows easy skincare on a tight schedule, and a home style spa experience. No complaints there.


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