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Sushma Swaraj’s Matching Jackets And Sarees Weren’t Just Fashionable, They Were Statements Of Power

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Regardless of our political affiliations, the loss of former Minister Of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj weighed heavily on everyone’s hearts. The woman was fierce, used her voice to bring about change real change and transcended party lines in order to do her job right.  With countless accomplishments in her name, Swaraj was indeed one of the most powerful politicians in the country. Her influence did not come from just her position, it was because people genuinely looked up to her. A powerful orator and an intelligent woman, Sushma Swaraj will be talked about for a long time. One of the things that made her a class apart, apart from her tireless work, was the way she dressed, being in the public eye. And there are some hidden details to her beautiful yet entirely functional outfits.

One of the first things that come to people’s minds about Sushma Swaraj was her distinguished stature. Politicians are required to dress a certain way to fit an image but Swaraj took hers to a whole new level. Establishing a certain ‘look’ in the minds of citizens, she gave the classic saree it’s due on the world stage.

The Attention To Detail

Sushma Swaraj never just threw on a random saree while on the job. The careful details to the colours (powerful hues like gold, solid blues and pastels), made her stand out in the crowd. She was known for matching her jackets to the border of her sarees and that attention to detail is something we can certainly learn from. The fabulously simple sarees she wore could also serve as ice breakers while meeting foreign dignitaries. Genius!

Her jackets weren’t just added for comfort, they were functional as well. The pockets in the jackets offered her the ease of having a pen at hand and if chits were handed to her, she put them away in the pocket, only to retrieve them later. How cool.

The Power Of Fashion

The phenomenon of the ‘political jacket’ is no stranger to a number of famous politicians. From Barack Obama’s tailored suits to the Nehru Jacket, there is indeed strength in style. Sushma Swaraj made her silk and cotton jacketed saree a statement of power than just an outfit. Swaraj holds the distinction of being the youngest ever Cabinet Minister in the Government of Haryana at 25. From a young and ambitious woman to becoming one of the most respected politicians of the country, Sushma Swaraj did it in a saree and that’s telling.

The Force Of Simplicity

Apart from her sarees, Sushma Swaraj was also known for her heavy line of sindoor and the traditional big bindi. With minimal accessorising and her signature low bun, she cut a figure of simplicity which is quite rare when it comes to powerful people. Which also means that she looked relatable and approachable… which is what you hope from a person who’ job it is to make friends all over the world. It were her words and ideas that were put in the forefront, which is how one becomes the best at what they do!

Staying True To Your Roots

This picture of Sushma Swaraj with other ASEAN members is glorious! At a little over 5 feet, she manages to outshine all of them with her bright yellow saree as compared to the solid business suits. Staying true to your identity is so important in the workplace, it shows that you won’t be swayed from your resolve. Swaraj’s presence was as bold as it was loud, as strong as it was feminine. And it’s all because of the saree!

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