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Summer Skincare Mistakes You’re Making That Are Ruining Your Skin

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Summer is officially here and with it a bunch of skin issues that cause a lot of grief for us on the daily. It is true that a change in season requires switching up our skincare routines but we obviously can’t dump all our winter skincare and revamp our vanity. Or can we? *ponders seriously*

There is a lot of skincare advice floating around on the web and we are always one step away from falling for a bad tip. We know because we have given some of these a whirl and well, suffered.  These include the many skincare practices that are supposed to help us but in the scorching summers, but we aren’t told about the caveats that go with them.  Here are some summer skincare practices that need to checked, or better avoided!

Over Washing Throughout The Day

We understand how annoying salty sweat droplets can be on a freshly washed and prepped face. While keeping the skin clean during summer helps prevent a variety of issues, over washing will be counter-productive. No matter how mild a face wash, every time we wash our face it takes away all the naturally produced sebum, which is needed to keep the skin hydrated in the heat. Opt for blotting papers and serum drenched wipes instead.

Over Hydrating

Well hydrated skin is half the battle won, especially during the hot months. Despite you being worried about the heat, moisturiser is important because it helps us maintain a healthy complexion and remedies any sun damage. However, slathering your skin with a heavy moisturiser, the same one you use in winter, can be a big mistake. Summer skin is already overly porous and the sebaceous glands working overtime to keep it healthy. Clogging these open pores with the wrong moisturiser will do more harm than good, never mind the fact that it makes us look shiny AF.

Using Acid-Based Products

One of the biggest complaints women have from summer is acne. This in turn makes us over-enthusiastic about exfoliants. Products with salicylic and hyaluronic acids are popularly used to achieve clear skin, but they also thin the skin down. This makes it vulnerable to the harsh UVA and UVB rays, with us doubling the pressure on sunscreens to help out with the protection. We suggest switching to more organic and DIY home remedies to combat acne, since the skin is already struggling to keep up with the heat.

Messing Up Sunscreen

Always slathering on sunscreen is a good habit to cultivate, unless you are doing it wrong. A rule of thumb is to apply sunscreen at least 30-45 minutes before stepping out in the sun. It is also recommended to re-apply sun protection every 3-4 hours, if you are going to be out and about. Remember, you don’t want to spend a lot on higher SPF, since it really offers no extra advantage. Instead, opting for a broad spectrum variety is more beneficial to the skin.

Using Too Many Matte Products

To curb the many compliments we get on our shiny heads, we turn to mattyfying products. These powders, lotions and makeup work over time to absorb excess oil and to minimise the look of pores. But guess what, the sun doesn’t care about that! Dabbing the face with setting powder and stepping out in the sun will lead to runny lines and a splotchy complexion. it’s best to leave the skin to its own devices during the summer months, despite the tempting call of matte products.

Wearing Night Treatments During The Day

Summer brings with it many skin issues. That means that we need to double up on our daily treatments. The night treatment creams can contain a variety of ingredients that are quite photosensitive and react differently under the sun. For instance, retinol creams that work by altering the texture of the skin can make them more prone to heat and sweat, if worn during the day. To avoid any unwanted reactions, ensure you’ve washed off your night time skincare products.

Shaving Before A Shower

Summer means it’s time to bring out those shorts. However, that can also mean your legs have to be hair-free. Alas, having might be the order of the day. And you want to do it quickly. However, immediately applying the shaving foam and treating the skin to a razor can give the skin major burns and lead to in-growth. It will be better to let the hot water seep in to your skin, and shave after the shower is complete. Shaving during the summer can lead to be itchiness, so properly ending the shaving session with a hydrating lotion will keep all the redness away.

Applying Deodorant In The Morning

Here’s how deodorants work… the antiperspirant ingredient in them plugs the sweat glands and reduces the amount of sweat we produce. It is also responsible to kill the bacteria formed in our armpits so that they don’t create odour. This takes a while to accomplish. Slathering on deodorant in the morning and stepping out doesn’t give it enough time to work its magic. This leads to wastage and the deodorant mixing with sweat end up creating a different kind of odour altogether. Applying the deodorant in the evening can properly prep the armpits for the next day. Of course, you can reapply it in the morning and be on your merry, smelling fabulous way.

Unhappy Summer Feet

Tiny dresses and chapppals are a summer staple that come with the season. But while we are busy moisturising our bodies, our feet are grossly ignored. The skin around the ankles are especially thin and can suffer a lot of sun damage if left to their own devices. So, while flip flops at the beach is absolutely necessary, spraying on some sun protection should become a part of your daily routine.


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