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5 Easy Hair Tutorials To Keep You Cool This Summer

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The only hairdo you want this season is to wrap your tresses up and lock them away safely. Well, at least wrap them up and away from your face and neck. Summer calls for those ponytails and buns that will prevent you from sweating any more than you already are. As much as you want to achieve those fake beachy waves or scintillating curls, the warmth that trickles down your neck just pushes you to the edge to chop it all off!

You don’t have to go all Britney Shears on your locks this summer, neither do you have to constantly look like you’re a homeless puppy — all you need is a little Cinderella magic to work those tresses.

We’ve found easy and quick hair tutorials that will help you achieve that not-so-boring updo instantly. And don’t worry, we’ve got you short-haired babes covered too! Go for kickback ponytail or a braided bun — either way, these hairstyles are a stylish alternative to your average ponies and knots!


1. Summer Ponytail

What’s the one thing you do when you’re feeling hot? Well, you swoop up your hair into a ponytail and tie it away. But sometimes, just a ponytail can be rather…ummm…school-like! Taking things up a notch, this summer ponytail is sleek and sexy, and is a great way to beat the heat.


2. Long Hair Bubble Pony

Double the fun with this ponytail — if you have excessively long hair this will end up looking rather fab! Plus it prevents your hair from going all Medusa on your ass. Giving you a Medieval effect for your Rapunzel hair, this hairstyle gives a nice break to the ponytail monotony, especially for long hair.


3. Short Hair Bun

The most annoying thing about having short hair is that sometimes the hairstyle choices can shrink too. Even though there are fewer options in terms of styling, it doesn’t mean there are none. Switch up your plain ol’ bun into a twisted bun. This way, it won’t just look like you’ve had a massive quarrel with your mini mane.


4. Fluffed Up Pony

Another awesome short-hair tutorial, this cute half updo reminds us of Kylie Jenner’s ponytail. A creative way to tie your hair up this sizzling season, the twists in this look add that element of cute to that fluffy half pony.


5. Braid Parade

This cute milkmaid braid, along with a simple bun, is the perfect way to beat that heat. Since your hair is pretty much all up, it won’t come in the way and annoy the life out of you, and it also looks delicate and elegant. An easy and stylish way to reign in those luscious locks.


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