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Adding This Household Ingredient Will Help You Condition Your Hair Way Better!

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We absolutely love it when simple household ingredients can be used for fashion and beauty hacks. Why go far, when all you need to do is open your kitchen cabinet and investigate. Similarly, sugar is one such ingredient that works on so many levels for your beauty routine, it makes us happy. Besides adding a tad bit of sweetness in your life, sugar is a natural exfoliant that scrubs away the dead skin cells on your body. The grainy rough surface gently buffs away your skin, leaving it soft and supple the natural way. Sugar and salt scrubs have been a thing for a while now — we are aware that they help with softening your skin, whether it’s your face, body, or your lips…but did you know that it works on your hair too?

By simply adding a teaspoonful of sugar to your regular shampoo squeeze, gently massage the mixture into your scalp. The sugar does its business by exfoliating your follicles and removing all the dry and dead skin from your scalp, and your conditioner will do its job a lot better. Also, since the granules dissolve, it WILL NOT be a pain to wash out of your hair. Just like a regular face scrub, you shouldn’t be doing this every time you wash your hair and maybe just once every 5 washes or so.

There you go, the perfect DIY for a mini-hair-spa day, right in your kitchen.


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