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Are Sonic Cleansing Brushes Worth The Investment?

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Weddings, birthdays, and sometimes partying (because that’s important too!) call for a full face of makeup. Think full coverage foundation, budge-proof concealer, long-lasting lipsticks, and more. And while we can rave about the fact that everything stayed put, when you finally come back and have to practically pry the makeup off your face, that’s when it can get a little tricky.

Thank god for sonic cleansing brushes then. I fall back, quite heavily I might add, on my trusty sonic cleansing brush to take off the many layers I have applied on my face.

Yes, sonic cleansing brushes are expensive, and you could argue that they do pretty much what all other makeup removal options do — take off makeup and cleanse the skin. But there’s more to them. And there’s a reason they are a rage with the beauty community.

Inpost (H)- Sonic Cleansing Brushes

But don’t just take the word of makeup gurus for it. We spoke to Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Director and Consultant Dermatologist at Skin Alive clinic, and he says, “Sonic cleansing makes use of brushes with bristles on the top, with adjusted frequency, and saves you the hassle and effort required in manual cleansing. Motorized cleansing brushes are definitely worth the hype as they can be powerful and effective in bringing out your skin’s inner glow.”

Dr Chhabra adds that this type of cleansing method makes use of different types of nylon blushes, which move to and fro and work at a greater rate, which is enough to remove the inner most makeup and debris from the skin. “They also make use of two methods, which include pulsating and rotating. Pulsing breaks up dead skin cells and dirt, while rotating removes them to leave the face fresh and clean. They work like a hard scrub, which exfoliates the skin. They help in removing leftover makeup, which cleansers generally miss out on, and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and large pores.”

So wait, these cool tools will take off makeup, scrub your skin clean, and bring out your inner glow? Yes, please!

Plus, it will last you a long time so you can spread your cost over time, which might make the investment seem much easier!


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