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Sonam Kapoor Showed Us How To Do 90s Glam In This Tutorial And We Tell You How To Recreate It!

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If there’s one thing I can say about Sonam Kapoor, it’s that her aesthetic is always on point. No matter where she’s photographed, Sonam manages to look fashionable and pardon my use of an outdated term, “fierce”! The woman is so stylish that I assumed she would look equally glam while sleeping too, but I was proved wrong and happily so with Sonam’s recent tutorial on Vogue. It starts with a bare-faced Sonam Kapoor, in all her natural beauty and what follows is a fairly easy follow-along tutorial that’s perfect for the festive season! Keep reading for a break down of her tutorial with some budget-friendly products, some truth bombs, some great tips and some moments that made us go WTF.

The best makeup starts with skincare and Sonam follows this rule to a tee. First up, Sonam starts with skincare, and on goes a Vitamin C serum, this is a recommendation we received from our dermat and it works like a charm!

She followed this with moisturiser – this one from Clinique is a great option if you have oily skin! Editor’s note: Please don’t apply your moisturiser with the amount of force Sonam uses, you want to be gentle with your skin.

Anti-pollution drops are an important step, especially if you live in a city like Delhi, or Mumbai!

Don’t forget sunscreen. Never forget sunscreen.

She then uses this coconut oil to moisturise her lips. She recommends using coconut oil because it gives her good slip when she lines her lips.

Time for base, starting with an orange-hued colour corrector, Sonam corrects her dark circles and age spots, and follows it up with a concealer. We are currently crushing on this 2-in-1 option from Bollyglow.

While all of us can’t afford a custom mixed foundation, I’d suggest trying the many foundation shades from this brilliant brand.

Fun tip:  Before you powder your face, stamp out any lines with your beauty blender.

Now on to the fun bits, Sonam emphasises her gorgeous eyes in this tutorial and we think that’s such a classic look that’s so flattering on us desi girls. She uses a cocoa brown NARS liner to add depth to her eyes by lining the upper lid and smoking out the lower lid as well.

She softens the liner with a bronzer – an interesting usage of the product we’d love to try! She also used the same bronzer to add some colour to her face.

She then lines her inner lids with good ol’ kajal!

She then applied a bronze eyeshadow, on top of her eyeliner – wait, WHAT? WHY? A quick coat of mascara, and her eyes are done.

For her face, Sonam keeps things simple – she has beautiful bone structure and doesn’t need to contour. Instead, Sonam likes to add some freshness to her face with a poppy pink blush.

Like any star, Sonam loves drama and depends on a highlighter palette to add sparkle to any look!

We love that Sonam doesn’t overline her lips, instead she follows her natural lip shape with a cool-toned red lip liner. A line of sindoor, a DIY bindi and she’s done!

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