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Skip Foundation! Use These Summer-Friendly Products Instead

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Don’t let the gentle breeze fool you. Summer is officially here. We can tell. For starters, we are a sweaty mess by the time we arrive at work. Also, the fans are whirring without being of much use. Finally, and this is the most legit way to know, mangoes are here! So yes, it’s going to be hot. And when it gets hot, the last thing you want is to add layers of makeup to the face. 

The question is, if you skip the foundation, can you get away with being bare-faced (gasp)? If you are strongly considering giving up the base, we have a few cheats, so it looks like your foundation game is on point, when you don’t really have any on. 

Hint Of A Tint

Honestly, we are tempted to start off by being a little preachy and talking about a good skincare routine. But, you are here for quick fixes, and a tinted primer could be your hack. A good illuminating or mattifying primer has just the right amount of pigment to offer you basic coverage and keep you looking natural. Plus, it won’t weigh down your skin because it’s a primer, so yay!

Creams of Dreams

We love how BB cream hits all the right spots. It’s not a full-blown foundation. But it’s also not a meek cream only. BB creams are the perfect balance of coverage and lightweight, and we strongly suggest these for the summer months. Some of them come with the goodness of SPF as well, so this one product is all you need! 

Dot The Spots

Sometimes, you can completely do away with any sort of base (except sunscreen! You never skip sunscreen!), and simply hide the pesky pimples or spots. The only product you need is concealer. We recommend dotting the face with concealer to hide any spots that are glaring, or those that simply annoy you the most. Then, gently blend it out using short, outward strokes and watch them disappear. 

Drench The Skin

The summer months can also mean lots of sweaty days, so you definitely want to stock up on some lightweight moisturiser. While you are at it, why not invest in a tinted one, and you don’t ever have to have a bad skin day again. Can’t find a tinted moisturiser you like? Add two drops of your foundation to your moisturiser for the same effect. 

Powder Up

If you need your skin to look matte but not flat, and natural but not cakey, compact or translucent powders might just do the trick. You want to work the powder into your skin so it doesn’t sit on top, highlighting your peach fuzz in the sun. Use a big, fluffy brush in  circular motions, and work in the direction of the hair growth, and nobody is any wiser about you skipping foundation. 


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