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Tatiana’s Skin Is All Soft & Supple Thanks To This Coffee Scrub

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So the season of spring and summer is almost here — in India, especially in Mumbai, the 2 seasons very swiftly amalgamate to form one very warm and humid monster. Even though my shorts did not take a break during the pleasant winters, I did tuck them away in hibernation for a bit. Not because I was cold, but because I just didn’t want to wax or shave my legs using the weather as an excuse for my laziness (don’t judge, you know you’ve done it too). Now that winter isn’t coming very soon, it’s time to get rid of those follicles. And how can you accentuate your limbs post a wax or shave, you ask? The answer is a coffee scrub! I am pretty sure you’ve seen Insta trends on how coffee scrubs get rid of cellulite and all that jazz, and you’ve wondered if that’s actually true or paid BS. The answer is yes, coffee does help in reducing those fat pockets collected within the layers of your skin. However, besides doing that it also leaves your body soft and supple post the wash.



SkinYoga Coffee Scrub


Fun fact: caffeine contains antioxidants that help you release toxins, leaving your skin looking healthy. Coffee in itself acts as a stimulant that reduces the appearance of cellulite, and also tones and tightens tissues. Scrubbing your feet and legs, and exfoliating your skin simultaneously increases circulation too. SkinYoga’s coffee scrub enhances fat metabolism, which breaks down those pesky little pockets and also makes those stretch marks vanish. The scrub also treats inflammation! Win-win. I am an absolute klutz when I shave my legs, so this scrub helps me get rid of those razor burns and smooths out those peek-a-boo in-growths. Hello, summer shorts!

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