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5 Skincare Beliefs That Are Absolutely False!

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There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who take their skincare seriously. These are the people who use their ring finger for their eye cream, use circular, upwards motions for their moisturiser, and wear sunscreen every single day. Then there are the others for whom skincare roughly translates to slapping on something creamy before running out of the house, for whom sunscreen is a product for sophisticated people, and CTM something to with ATM but with a C. You get the drift. 

Either way, there’s so much information out there, so much being sold to you as a must-have in your skincare, it can get plenty confusing. And then there are all the musts you get from mummies and grannies. The DIYs that you experiment with, in the kitchen.

Well, that’s why we need the experts. We met with celebrity skin specialist, Dr. Rashmi Shetty, and got her to debunk some popular skincare myths. P.S. We’re still pretty blown away!

Myth 1: CTM Is A Must

If there’s something that’s an absolute must, it’s the Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising (CTM) routine. Or so you think. Dr. Shetty says, “The CTM ritual is really overrated, and it’s etched into people’s heads for no reason. Toner is something I don’t care too much about. It doesn’t do anything great. Cleansing, however, is super important.” Erm… what’s the procedure for a refund?

Myth 2: Good Skincare Needs Lots Of Products

If your bathroom looks like a page right out of a magazine, with products scattered everywhere, you might actually be doing your skin a disservice. “We are using too much skincare. Skincare is not fashion. Make sure you give your skincare some time to work on your skin. Don’t keep changing. If you strip it down to basics, you probably only need 3 products.” So wait… I have been wasting all my money?

Inpost- Rashmi Shetty

Myth 3: Exotic Ingredients Are Important

Want to squander away some precious money? Maybe buy yourself a bag, because skincare doesn’t need you to sell a kidney. If you thought those exotic ingredients were the key to success, well, you were wrong. Dr. Rashmi says, “ Go with a company that has done a lot of research. Look for a company that has put in effort into formulating a good product. Don’t just go for fancy packaging. Go to a company that invests a lot in science. They take the trouble to explain to you what every ingredient is doing. If a product is good, what cost it comes at doesn’t matter at all.”

Myth 4: Dermats Are For Oldies

If you thought you can save the visit to the dermatologist for when you have to pick an anti-aging product, you have another thing coming. “The 20s are the right time to visit a doctor and figure out a skincare routine that’s right for you. This way you won’t have to spend a fortune on repairing your skin in your 30s, “ says Dr. Rashmi. 

Myth 5: Toothpaste can help dry out pimples.

Hmm… if that’s not true. What should you do to treat a pimple? “Ice. Yup, that’s pretty much the only thing you need for an inflammation. Any pimple or acne has 3 reasons – a clogged pore, an infection, and then there’s inflammation. That’s what makes it red, angry and swollen! The easiest remedy is to rub ice,” says the skin expert. 

What skincare myth have you bought into recently? 


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