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Cheat Your Way To Fabulous Skin With This Luxury Face Oil

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I want great skin. I mean, the ultimate aim, at some point is to have luminous, radiant skin that will wow people who look at me. In the interim period, I am using makeup and copious amounts of highlighter to sail me through. Great skin will also require commitment from my end — getting in a workout everyday, eating healthy and all that — things I do not want any part of. Also, why should I put in that effort when I can simply fake it till I make it? Right?

But say you actually want good skin. Like really good skin, not the kind that foundation can offer. Then you might want to invest in this golden potion in a bottle, called the Ras Luxury Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir. It comes at a pretty penny, no doubt. This goes for Rs 2,350 for 15ml. But you can be very, very miserly with the amount you use everyday. Three tiny drops are enough for the whole face, and you only need to pat it on cleansed skin.


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RAS Luxury Oils Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir

Once you’ve patted the product in, you can go about putting on your makeup, sunscreen, and everything else. I have been using it and currently, it’s almost an addiction. I won’t leave home without it. It’s also what I use before I catch up on my beauty sleep. So far, I have enjoyed this oil immensely.

Oh, I know what you are thinking. Oil on your face during summer? Not a good idea unless I am planning to fry something on my face. Actually, they’ve got your back, or face, as is the case here. The oil gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin and sinks in, so your face doesn’t look like the next thing America is going to attack. A caveat though, no more than 3 drops.

If you are feeling rather indulgent, and would rather invest in good skincare than actually making any effort towards eating healthy or working out, this is a great purchase.

Is there any way to fake a good body as well? Asking for a friend.

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