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Detox Your Skin Naturally With These Easy Home Remedies

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Some people will care for their skin well, treating it to masks, gentle exfoliation and plenty of love and sunscreen. Others like me will pummel their skin with dirt, pollution, heavy weight foundation that I give only one cleanse, and basically expect it to be soft and glowy. And without fail, I am surprised when my skin won’t behave because what’s not great about the things I have mentioned? What could possibly be wrong with subjecting my skin to dirt, grime and lots of makeup?

Plenty, it turns out. As is the case most of the time, we are tempted to make a beeline for the salon splurging on the their fanciest facial to come out looking, well, pretty much the same. Before you hit the salon with a vengeance, we have curated a few home remedies for you that will pull out all the gunk, unclog your pores and have your skin breathe a sigh of relief. And you can do these right at home. Read up to know what to do!

Detox Home Remedies-Lemon

Citrus Steam

You have probably heard that lemon has a cleansing effect on your skin. To fully make lemon work for you, squeeze a few drops of it into steaming water. Steam your face with this concoction to extract all the dirt from your pores and any makeup residue that may be left over. Follow this up with an exfoliator.

Detox Home Remedies-Oatmeal

Oatmeal Scrub

If you do not exfoliate at all, this is a good time to start, but if you are looking to go natural, try and oatmeal scrub. For this, mix oatmeal with baking soda. Yes, this one is potent. Add in a few spoons of warm water and let the mixture sit. Once the oats have softened down, put this scrub on your face and allow it to do its magic. Your skin will love it.

Detox Home Remedies-Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Lip Exfoliator

If your lips have been reeling from the strong, long-stay matte lipsticks, it’s time to give them a treat. But your regular lip balm won’t cut it. First, you want to scrub off all the dry, flaky bits. For this, mix coconut oil with sugar and honey. Take this mixture on a toothbrush and gently slough off dead skin. Your lips will feel hydrated, clean and ready for that red lippie!

Detox Home Remedies-Turmeric

Turmeric Dark Circle Buster

You’ve been quite generous with the concealer, your dark circles are pesky. You’ve tried various eye creams but nothing has quite worked. Turns out, turmeric may just be the thing you are looking for. Turmeric paste applied to dark circles improves circulation and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Maybe this is what we need to stop looking like a raccoon.

Detox Home Remedies-ACV

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

You need your pores closed, and your skin to appear cleaner and glow. Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is up to the task. Diluted ACV used on a cotton pad and applied to the skin works wonders on large pores and is also great to get rid of pimples and marks from scars. We recommend!

How do you detox your skin naturally? Let us know in the comments below.


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