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Save Vs Splurge: Foundation Sticks That Are Perfect For The Girl On-The-Go

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When you’re learning the basics of makeup, concealer and foundations are probably the most basic products you get your hands on. Foundation formulations come in various forms — from liquids to mousses and powders. And the most portable of the lot? The foundation stick!

A foundation stick is something you’ve probably used, if you’re always in a rush and do your makeup on-the-go. With a creamy texture when applied, a foundation stick provides buildable coverage — maybe not as dense as a liquid foundation, but it does a great job.

These makeup wands will pretty much fit in any bag and can be used on the move. You don’t really need to worry about creating a mess, either where you’re doing your makeup or on your face. All you need to do is apply it across your face and neck in strokes (if you carry a mini brush, it would be even better), and blend it all in.

The best part about its creamy texture is that it blends into your skin really well, and creates a flawless finish. See! It’s literally that simple to swipe on and touch up — even a car mirror would do!

We give you 2 similar foundation sticks which will do the job for you — however, they are priced differently. See what suits your pocket and either, you can save or splurge!


Foundation Stick Splurge_Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick_Hauterfly

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (Rs 3,700)

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics need no introduction in the makeup world! The brand is known for its high-end makeup products, which are long-lasting and of really great quality. Taking the very concept of the ‘on-the-go’ girl, Bobbi Brown created its stick collection, that is literally for the modern-day, busy girl.

This foundation stick gives you that perfect nude finish, that evens out your skin-tone, but doesn’t look cakey. Its creamy texture creates an almost translucent base and feels rather weightless on your skin. The foundation actually comes in 24 skin tone shades, which is Bobbi Brown’s broadest shade range yet.

If you’re the kind who loves a simple, subtle, and nude finish (especially for work), and needs that extra touch of quality in her makeup, especially in the base products, then you NEED to splurge on this. After all, it is the 1st of the month, so why not?

Foundation Stick Splurge_Maybelline Foundation Stick_Hauterfly

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation (Rs 550)

If you’ve got an oily complexion, then you’re going to love this one! Taking Bobbi Brown’s concept of on-the-go makeup, Maybelline’s recent shine free foundation stick is probably the closest thing to perfection in a budget. This newly launched product is not only lightweight, but it also contains a gel-like formula that acts like an anti-shine powder.

This absorbs excess oil and leaves your skin shine-free for up to 10 hours, at best. Easily blendable, this product is creamy and creates a matte finish, leaving your skin looking smooth and even.

The only disadvantage is that it is available in only 5 shades, as opposed to Bobbi Brown’s 24, which makes it less accessible to everyone. Although it is way cheaper than the Bobbi Brown’s stick, getting the right shade might be a bit of an issue!

But hey, if this Fit Me actually fits your skin tone, then it is a definite pocket saver!

Want to find a high-street equivalent of a luxe product you love? Comment below or write to us on, and we’ll go Sherlock on it till we find you something that fits your budget!


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