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These Are The Dry Shampoos You Need For Great Monsoon Hair!

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Raise your hand if you like the monsoons. Now, keep your hand raised if you think it does great things to your skin and hair as well. I see that almost all the hands are down. That’s the thing about the rainy season. When the rain pours down on you, you probably look like something the cat dragged in, your hair whipping you in the face because of gusts of wind, and you are walking in to the sound of squishy shoes. Not ideal. And while your hair will dry down, the rest of the day is often spent scratching your head, and that’s never cute.

It’s true though. Hair that hasn’t dried down can leave you with an itchy scalp. Also, subjecting your hair to shampoo every single day might not be the best idea. Let me stop your right there, dry shampoo can come to your rescue. On days that you want to not wash your hair or it smells funky, dry shampoo acts like the saviour it is. And we have luxury and affordable options for you right here. You get to decide if you want to save or splurge.

inpost-shampoo-save vs splurge-balmain

Balmain Paris Dry Shampoo (Rs 1850)

Of course you know of the brand. It’s a luxurious powerhouse that’s now in the hair category as well. This dry shampoo is an absolute must if your hair is smelling worse for wear. The fragrance smells expensive and very, very luxurious. As a dry shampoo, this one does the job of absorbing excess oil from the scalp, and gives your hair volume, so it doesn’t sit limp. Plus, it’s supposed to work on all hair types, so it’s got us hooked. Spray away!

inpost-shampoo-save vs splurge-batiste

Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh ( Rs 584)

This one is a cult favourite, and we know exactly why. One enthusiastic spritz of this and our unruly hair is already tamer. It’s important to remember that you’ll need to work this product in; just spraying it on might leave you with some powdery residue. This dry shampoo has fragrance options, so you can choose if you want your hair to smell like a flower bouquet or chocolate, or simply clean.


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