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The Rose Quartz Nail Trend Is Both Soothing And Pretty

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Another day, another nail art trend hits the market. Today, we’re leaning away from crazy, funky nails like the aquarium nail trend. This one doesn’t have too much going on, but it sure is mesmerising! For those of you who are fans of healing crystals, the Rose Quartz trend recreates the same effect on your nails. And if you’re not a fan, but you like looking at pretty things, then this is also for you. Take a look.


Rose Quartz is a stone that represents beauty and creativity. And from this gorgeous nail art inspiration, we know that to be quite true.


Say bye bye to the Monday blues with a little pink in your life!


The Rose Quartz nails are similar to the marble effect. And if you’re running out of nail art ideas that are subtle but right on point, then this is the one you need to try. Here’s a quick how-to.

And if you want to dress the look up, add a some blingy nail accessories!


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