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This Multi-Tonged Curling Iron Is Bushra’s Go-To Styling Tool

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I think shopping for makeup is infinitely easier than shopping for hair products and tools. There’s a fair bit of trial and error involved with both. From my experience, I’ve noticed that I can get any makeup product to work for me even if it doesn’t suit me initially by mixing and blending it with other products. The same can’t be said about hair products, though. If it doesn’t work for you, then that’s it. The most you can do is try it in a different season, and if it still doesn’t suit you then pass it on to a friend who might benefit from it. And let’s not even get started on hairstyling tools. The options leave my head reeling, and many times I’ve returned home without making a single purchase because I simply couldn’t make up my mind.

Straightening irons are still easy to buy, but curling irons are a different ball game. I can never make up my mind about the width of the barrel I want. For someone who loves changing up her look all the time, committing to a single style of curl is nothing short of a nightmare. This is why I think the Roots CurlPro 501 – Multi Tong Curler is divine intervention!


Roots Curl Pro 501 – Multi Tong Curler Inpost_Hauterfly

Roots CurlPro 501 – Multi Tong Curler


The Roots CurlPro 501 comes with five barrels that let you create different styles of curls and waves. The two conical wands let you create tapered waves, while the thin one is for tight curls and the larger wand creates loose, soft waves. You can try different styles of ringlets, or mermaid waves with the rest of the barrels. The wands fit in the machine with an easy lock-unlock mechanism. Neat!

All the wands are coated with ceramic and tourmaline, which is absolutely important to distribute heat evenly through the hair and have longer-lasting curls. The best thing though (apart from the tongs, of course) is the LED display with temperature control. I think every hairstyling tool should offer this feature because everyone can’t be styling their hair at the same temperature. The built-in thermostat and 360° swivel cord make this one a must-have curler.

SHOP NOW: Roots CurlPro 501 – Multi Tong Curler (Rs 4,299)


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