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Bushra’s Sensual Perfume Smells Like A Forest In Summer

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When it comes to fragrances, I’m very finicky. I always carry my body mist or perfume along with me because I don’t like using random fragrances when I need to freshen up during the day (which is often in balmy Mumbai). I abhor overly fruity, nauseatingly sweet, and strong fragrances. I like it when my fragrance is light and subtle and not overpowering. I like my fragrance to develop through the day, those occasional times when you get whiffs of the scent and it catches you off-guard are an instant mood booster. If I can smell the scent constantly all through the day, then that fragrance is clearly not for me.

Since the weather’s turning warmer, I’ve been on the lookout for a summer fragrance that will appeal to my sensibility. While deodorants are good for when you are on-the-go and body mists work well as a top up through the day, I prefer wearing a light perfume when I know that I’m going to have a long day at work. This is how I discovered Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli.


Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau de Parfum_inpost_Hauterfly

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau De Parfum

Roberto Cavalli’s new fragrance is inspired by Italy’s Mediterranean coast in summer and draws upon the landscape through its citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin, blending with the floral heart of jasmine. The composition ends with warm woody accords of cypress, parasol pine and pink laurel. Described as “refined, carnal, sensual and very feminine, but also a relaxed and carefree holiday scent” by Fragrantica, Cavalli himself said that Paradiso is about a moment of happiness.

Most users describe the scent as warm, soft and sensual like a forest on a midsummer day. The longevity of this one is supposed to be kickass, so what’s not to love about this perfume? I can’t wait to get a piece of paradise!

SHOP NOW: Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Eau De Parfum (Rs 4,850)


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