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Reviewed: The Brow Multi-Tasker By Estée Lauder

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Ever since Cara Delevingne hit the scene, I’ve been overly obsessive about my eyebrows. As a girl who never got her brows threaded, considering they were super light and quite patchy, can you blame me for going nutso for the big, bushy brow? I started out by lightly filling in the gaps with a brown eye pencil, and later moved on to a brown eye-shadow and angled brush. Of course, the obsession slowly deepened and I bought my first ever brow kit from Sephora. It was solely powder-based and, for a short amount of time, I was happy with my brows.


My next wish was for them to be more precise and I moved on to Benefit’s Precisely My Brow pencil. The thin pencil teamed with my Sephora kit was a match made in heaven, and my brows were, well, on fleek! Until one day I ran out of it and it lead me straight to the point of this post — Estée Lauder’s Brow Multi-Tasker.

The best part about it is that it does the job I needed 2 products to do earlier. The packaging is just like any other Estée Lauder product and it looks essentially like an eye pencil. But it does 3 things at once. While one end features an angled brow pencil, the other one houses the spoolie you need to brush out your brows before and after the process. The surprise comes in the middle of the pencil, which opens out to be an eyebrow powder stick.

So once you’re done pencilling in the gaps and shaping your brows, just go over it lightly with the powder to add depth and brush it out. It’s fabulous brows with one product and, as you can tell by all the gushing, I’m thrilled!



Estée Lauder The Brow Multi-Tasker

Priced at Rs 2,200, I’m quite ready to stock up on these babies — don’t want to be running out any time soon!

SHOP NOW: Estée Lauder The Brow Multi-Tasker (Rs 2,200)


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