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Reviewed: Lush Organic Cool Hair Spa At Lakmé Absolute Salon

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I must admit, one of the perks of the job is undoubtedly trying out new beauty products and services. Not only do we get to find out what works and what doesn’t, we get to share this wisdom with you, our dear readers. I think that’s a pretty good win-win, don’t you?

So when Lakmé Absolute Salon, the premium arm of the brand’s salon outlets, launched a series of new hair spas, we had to, but of course, try ’em out.

I opted for the Lush Organic Cool treatment, one that, with the help of essential oils like Rosemary and mint, is meant to slow down the ageing of your scalp (I’m going through a phase of fear where I think my skin and everything else is ageing), and helps smoothen your hair.

Now, for most of my life, not to sound immodest or anything, I’ve had enviable hair. I’ve been the guinea pig model for many past shoots with other publications I’ve worked with because of the length and texture of my hair.

I once coloured my hair when I was 19 years old — red and gold, if you please — and then never did again. Until two years ago. Long story, short, my lovely, luscious hair was more than a bit damaged due to a botched colour job and the subsequent salvage of it. Since then, my hair has been dry and a LOT less shiny.

And, of course, much to my dismay, I was reminded of this as soon as I sat in the Lakmé Absolute Salon chair. “Your hair is dry; the shampoo you’re using is clearly not working for you, you should change it,” said the hairstylist appointed for my spa experiential, as I nodded solemnly in agreement, my heart breaking, piece by piece.

The first step of the spa was the application of an oil, which was a mix of essential oil and olive oil (to hydrate my parched hair), followed by my favourite part of the whole experience — a 10-minute head massage. I swear his hands worked magic, and I could have curled up right there and passed right out. But I didn’t because that would be weird.

This also the moment that I thought was opportune to take photos for our social media hands. My stylist looked a little afraid for the freak he was working on — me. You’ll see why.



After the snooze-inducing massage, my friendly stylist took me for a hairwash. He doused my hair in organic shampoo by Keune, left it on a minute before washing it off, and followed this with a conditioner from the same brand. The warm hairwash also almost put me to sleep. Maybe I should have napped before going for this.

Back in the chair, we went for the next step, which was the crux of the spa therapy — the application of the hair masque. This was a mix of 2 products from Keune’s So Pure range — the masque for dry hair and some Argan oil for good measure (remember, how he chided me for my dry tresses, right at the beginning? Yeah, apparently they were thirstier than I realised).

Before leaving the masque on for about 15 minutes was another magical head massage. At this point, I wanted to live at the Lakmé Absolute Salon. After the final rinse, my hair was blow-dried, perhaps my least favourite part of the experience.

You see, I have naturally wavy, slightly biggish hair with a mind of its own. When it’s blow-dried, it flattens out completely, tamed and limp — I do not like that look.



Nonetheless, my hair felt pretty darn soft, and looked a LOT shinier than it did when I stepped into the salon. I’m pretty sure it was hydrated and nourished too because I went on to not wash my hair for the next 4 days — might as well make the most of it, no?

Do I think you should try out the new range of hair spas by Lakmé Absolute Salon? Absolutely. Geddit?

Try ’em out and tell us what you thought of them in the comments below! Or tweet at me @Chat_Boi. Send those hairfies, ladies (it’s a legit word, yes).


This range of Lakmé Absolute Salon hair spas start at Rs 2,600. 


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