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Reviewed: Clinique Lash Power Flutter To Full Mascara

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Mascara has always been a special occasion kind of makeup item for me. I’ve never even thought of applying it on a daily basis — what’s the point? Do people even notice your lashes? Turns out, I was wrong and yes they do.

Defined eyelashes, as it turns out, helps make your peepers pop, and instantly add definition to your entire makeup look. Try this: simple kajal on your lower waterline and a nude lip gloss. While this is a perfectly lovely au naturale look, you can easily and quickly up your makeup game by applying a coat of mascara. See the difference?

So when Clinique India sent over its latest launch in the mascara category, I figured I should try it out. This mascara, of course, isn’t your regular, swipe-swipe kind. The Clinique Lash Power Flutter To Full Mascara has 3 modes to take you from natural lashes to full blown drama lashes with the twist of a dial.

Confused? I was too, at first. Basically, the barrel of the mascara is twistable with 3 distinct functions. What happens when you twist-twist the dial is that it tightens or loosens the head of the brush, thus controlling the amount of product that is deposited on the brush.

The 3 options you have are lengthening, volumising, and both lengthening and volumising together. Each mode is supposed to give you a different eyelash look.

So, once I received the product, I decided to chronicle my looks and findings. After all, in this day and age of social media, when everything short of the colour of your poop is chronicled (sometimes, even that), this was something that definitely deserved to be tracked, no?

Day 1 — Lengthening + Volumising

Since I’m a rebel and all that, I decided to start with the most dramatic of the lot — the lengthening + volumising mode. To really see the effect of the mascara, I went easy on the kajal, unlike my usual makeup look, and just sort of went for it with the new wand. And here’s how it looked.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking — where’s the volume? It really didn’t do much for that, but I definitely saw the effect of the lengthening function.

I decided to check up on it before I left office, but gladly, the mascara hadn’t budged and, in fact, needed no touch-up at all.


P.S.: Uff, that lash shadow, man!


Day 2 — Volumising

Since the volumising function clearly didn’t work on Day 1, I decided to give it another shot, using only that mode. Alas, I was disappointed again.


See, such little volume. The great thing about doing this review, though, was that I was changing up my beauty game every day. So much fun to experiment with makeup, no?

By the end of Day 2, the mascara looked great, but no volume to be seen.


Eye photos are quickly becoming my fave!


Day 3 — Lengthening

Hands down, this was my favourite mode — the lengthening one. My lashes actually looked longer and it definitely made a difference to my entire face. I’m not the only one who said so, my colleagues told me too!


Damn, should have used my eyebrow pencil before taking these photos.

So there you go. A novel concept indeed, but the new Clinique mascara does falter in places. Do I still use it? Yes. Would I recommend it? Definitely. Even though all the functions may not work to the T, it still gives you great lashes and ups your makeup look by several notches.

Don’t believe me? Give it a shot yourself and send me those eye-fies (what?)! And follow me on Instagram as I make my way through more makeup looks, #OOTDs, and new products!

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