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Reviewed: Becca Cosmetics’ Ombré Rouge Eye Shadow Palette

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In the world of eye shadow palettes, a number of high-end brands come to mind — Urban Decay, Nars, Tarte, and Too Faced, to name a few. And if you are a makeup junkie, you know that these international brands are pretty much synonymous with eye shadow pigments that have great colour payoff. However, the Becca eye shadow palette isn’t one that is much talked about. Becca Cosmetics is famous for its highlighters, Champagne Pop being its bestseller and, as a brand, it is largely known for the ability to infuse light into their products. So when I tried the Ombré Rouge Eye Shadow Palette, I was surprised. This product is purely matte, which is pretty different from the rest of their products, and I loved it.

When I received the product, I first swatched the darkest pigment on my hand and loved the colour payoff. I have this special corner for matte products, whether it’s my lip colours or foundations. I found it quite intriguing that only this product was one without that luminescent effect. So I did some research and found that apparently Becca keeps its eye shadows matte as it felt that shine can always be added, but never taken out. Therefore, allowing you to be more creative with your application and looks!


BECCA Cosmetics Ombré Rouge Palette*

The Ombré Rouge palette is ideal for day to night wear. It consists of 5 colours, ranging from a deep brown tone to a light beige hue. I noticed that even though the palette is purely matte, the lighter shades have a slight, and I mean very very slight shimmer to it, which I am not complaining about. I guess that adds a slight highlighting effect, especially to the brow bone. Super blendable, when the colours are put together, they merge into this beautiful subtle smokey effect which can be dolled up for a bold look or kept simple for day wear. A lot of smokey eye palettes have a shimmer in them, which I sometimes find too loud for a sombre event. However, I feel that by keeping the pigments matte, Becca has offered me more options in one palette.

In terms of longevity, I wore this for a long period of time, including a night out and I felt like the shadow did not smudge or give me solid panda eyes by the end of the evening. It looked natural and not OTT at all. Also since it is matte, the colours are ideal for trying out a contour, especially on an Indian skin-tone. I love mixing things up and checking out if one product can have several uses and this one does too. In conclusion, the Becca Eye Shadow Palette in Ombré Rouge gets our thumbs-up!

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* Will be available to purchase at Sephora stores across India.


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