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4 Reasons To Give That Bottle Of Nail Polish The Boot!

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Like some women can’t let go of their straightening iron and hold on to it for dear life, my bestie just can’t stand the thought of leaving her nails bare. I’m pretty sure she isn’t the only one who — try as hard as I may — won’t let go of her nail polishes, even if it’s only for a couple of days. The downside of this obsession is yellow nail beds that look more appropriate on a chain smoker’s hands, and rather brittle nails.

While I’m definitely on Team Perfectly Polished Nails, I do believe that a break helps every now and then. Here are 4 things that will happen when you let go of your bottle of polish:

1. Nails will become stronger

No kidding! While nail polish on its own is quite harmless, polish removers are the main culprits in drying out your nail bed and the skin around it. Obviously, someone who always has polished nails will use considerable amounts of remover to take off old polish before applying a fresh colour or coat. This means that your nails are constantly subjected to dryness, which makes your nails brittle and leads to peeling and breakage.

2. Nails will look healthier

And we mean your bare nails. When was the last time your nails had that natural pink hue that healthy nails should have? Give your nails a breather from polish and allow it to restore its natural colour.

3. Nails will feel smoother

Often times, ridges develop over nail beds. The layers of dead keratin that nails are made of are stripped away when you use a nail polish remover. This causes roughness and eventually ridges in the nail bed. Keeping your nails bare for a couple of weeks can actually help your nail bed recover and grow out the uneven patches.

4. You will save a lot of money

And that, girls, can’t be a bad thing at all! Even if you are a more at-home mani kinda girl, there’s no denying the amount of money spent on polishes. Although my bestie has everything from loud neons to subtle neutrals, it would be safe to say that she has at least 15 different shades of red in her collection. When you add up the costs, that’s a considerable amount of money spent on polish!


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