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#HauteHack: Prevent Your Nail Polish Tips From Chipping!

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You know that annoying thing that happens a day, maybe two, after you’ve gotten yourself a flawless manicure? You know what I’m talking about — those blasted chipped ends! Even the most gorgeous nail colour can’t prevent your fingers from looking less than stellar thanks to chipped tips.

So we figured out a super simple hack to prevent the tips of your painted nails from chipping and making your manicure last way longer. First things first, you need to paint on two base coat layers. Yes, two.

Here’s how: first paint one base coat layer starting from the middle of the nail to the tip. Once that’s dry, paint on the second layer over the entire nail like you normally would. Wait for it to dry, then paint on your desired colour as per usual.

The reasoning behind this technique is that the double base coat layer will act as a strong adherent for the coloured polish, helping your manicure last longer without the tips chipping off. Our editor swears by it!


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